The main purpose of this site

Learn the Catholic Faith.

Live the Catholic Faith.

Share the Catholic Faith.

Because there is no substitute
for a regular program of Catholic
prayer and study,
along with full, faithful, active participation in
all of the work, worship, sacraments and devotions
of the Catholic Church …

the ONLY church that Jesus Christ
EVER personally founded,

for the GLORY of God and

O n e – H o l y – C a t h o l i c – A p o s t o l i c

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  1. Hey Gary! Let me guess…you don’t work!! Spread the wealth??? So the guy that works hard, goes into debt to be successful, spends 20 years getting an advance degree, should give it all away in the form of taxes?? You don;t get it! That’s why corporations are leaving and wealthy individuals are leaving. How about lower the tax rate which will keep companies here, more companies actually paying US taxes, more companies hiring Americans, more jobs, more people working, more people paying taxes, more revenue for the government!

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