Every great religious mind, as well as almost every political mind (until about the year 2000) would have to be wrong for same- sex marriage to be right.

Many who disagree with the Catholic Church tend to forget that homosexuality was much more common and approved of by the Roman government in the early Christian era than it is even in 2010. Many in the upper echelons of Greek and Roman culture experimented with all sorts of sexual practices. It would have been far easier for Jesus, the apostles, saints and popes to approve of this conduct than it would to disapprove of it. Christianity might have grown at a faster pace. However, there was a reason for this swimming against the tide, and the faithful accepted it.

This does not appear to be the case today when so many truths are replaced by the whims of the modern world, hence Pope Benedict XVI’s favorite line; “The Dictatorship of Relativism.”  Many on the left howl when the Holy Father uses these words, and yet those churches that have succumbed to these whims of the modern world have seen their numbers plummet, even as their positive mainstream media coverage increases.

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