Randall Terry and his pro-life team need some help with finances

Dear pro-life friend,

I hate writing a letter of this nature.

As you can guess, I have members of the press, pro-abortion activists, and “pro-life” people who wish us ill read my letters, besides genuine pro-life advocates and supporters.

I do not want to give our adversaries fodder to use against us. But I don’t see any other option right now besides praying, and telling our friends (and unfortunately our enemies) our situation.

We have six full-time people our team here in Washington DC. One of them gets a little bit of money for bookkeeping, the rest of them are missionaries. In addition to them, we have about 5 small groups we work with.

None of them, or I, get paid for what we do.

We work every day — usually six days a week — from 10 to 14 hours a day. (People take breaks and vacations when they need them.)

Everyone is supported financially by friends, family, small part-time jobs, and by kind people who bring over a meal or buy Chinese food.

We literally live hand to mouth.

But if you look at what we have done in the last month, or the last six months, or the last year — going all the way back to our seven week tour at Notre Dame — it is amazing what this “band of warrior poets” has been able to do by the grace of God and enormous hard work, long hours, and sacrifice.

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