Yahweh’s Savior

When Yahweh, (I AM) the Eternal God, who knows the end from the beginning, chose to create all things, He knew that man would sin (separating himself from God).

He also knew that, left to our own devices, mankind would never be able to make things right again.

We would need a Redeemer or Savior to make it possible for us to overcome sin and its’ main consequence, death. Only then could we once again hope to dwell eternally in the presence of the Most High God.

To qualify as Redeemer, one would need to possess a dual nature that was both human and divine. The Savior would also have to be impeccable, (without sin of any kind) completely innocent of any transgressions against God or man.

(The Council of Trent declares that since Jesus Christ is God, it is impossible for him to commit sin.)

One more thing; the Redeemer would need to die, to voluntarily lay down His life to satisfy a debt that He didn’t owe, the debt of sin that mankind could never pay.

Recognizing our need for such a One, God chose to send us His only begotten Son.

Just as people bring forth (beget) children who are made of the same human “stuff” they are, so the Son of God was begotten of the divine Person of the Father. God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God. The literal expression of God’s love and the image of His Father, our Redeemer is not a created being.

He, like His Father, is God eternal. Through Him, all things were made and through Him, all things have been reconciled in heaven and on earth.

Scripture tells us that our Redeemer is the sacrificial Lamb slain before the foundation of the world.

For the salvation of mankind He came down from heaven. Divinely conceived, He was born of the Virgin Mary and became one of us, in all things except for sin. He lived a life of virtue; full of grace and truth. He never sinned. He worked numerous miracles and revealed many of God’s secrets.

Most importantly, He told us about God, His Father (and ours). Then, He suffered and died on the cross for us, so that we might have eternal life.

By His own power, He rose from the dead. Though He is God, He did all this in the flesh, in an ordinary human body, taking upon Himself every human limitation (except for sin).

By His life and example He showed mankind the way to heaven. He conquered sin for us by being totally obedient to the will of His Father. He overcame death for us by His glorious resurrection.

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