The Catholic Church, as mentioned in Holy Scripture

A city set on a mountain cannot be hidden: Mt 5:14

Body of Christ: Eph 1:22-23

Bride of Christ: Isa 61:10,62:5,
Jer 7:34,16:9,25:10,33:11, Joel 2:16,
Jn 3:29, Eph 5:23-24,31-32,
Rev 18:23,*21:2,**9,22:17

Church of the firstborn: Heb 12:23

Church of the Living GOD: 1Tim 3:15

City of the living GOD: Heb 12:22

Heavenly Jerusalem: Heb 12:22

Holy City: Rev 21:2

Holy and without blemish: Eph 5:27

Mustard seed: Mt 13:31-32, Mk 4:30-32, Lk 13:18-19

My Church: Mt 16:18

New Jerusalem: Rev 21:2

Pillar and foundation of the truth: 1Tim 3:15

Poor little one tossed with the tempest: Isa 54:11

Submitted by Bob Stanley

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