“Big Mac” under fire … men having sex with men (spreading AIDS) OK

Perplexing Obama Administration Policies:

Fast food = Obesity = BAD.
Homosexual Sex = Freely Spreading AIDS = GOOD?


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  1. A few notes. All businesses pass taxation on to their customers, if they want to continue to do business and HAVE customers. In reference to the idiots who think we should tax the rich…what a stupid idea. People gamble, play the lottery, and start businesses to BECOME rich, successful, and wealthy. If the Looterfest Mobocracy succeeds in persecuting and chasing-away all the gamblers, lottery players, and businesses, who will the looters loot then? Always remember, what you do to your friends, family, neighbors, and fellow human beings today…they get to do back to you tomorrow. How about them robot drone attacks on the men, women, and children of some-such-istans…is it no wonder that America cannot collapse quickly enough for the rest of the humans on the planet?

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