Theologian explains: Various world-wide tribulations (including our own) were foretold long, long ago

The Pale Horse of Revelation

As Catholics, we have firsthand knowledge of these divine workings. In the Fatima revelations, for example, both World War I and World War II are predicted and fulfilled. The vision to the three child seers revealed precisely when the wars would start and when they would stop, and each war was said to be the result of the wickedness of mankind. Each war could be curtailed if the world’s enemy would be put at bay, which was to be accomplished through the consecration of a
specific nation, Russia, a direct request from heaven by Our Lady. The consecration would bring about the conversion of this enemy and the world would be converted to Christ.

In the case of the Fatima revelations, we see a clear example of the workings of both the “white” and the “red” horse. The white horse comes and gives his message of salvation and judgment. Depending on the response to the white horse, the One on the Throne determines the next course of action and reveals it to the Living Beings, and they, in turn, release the next horseman to do his job. The Fatima revelation shows us that war is never accidental or incidental. If heaven has determined that war will serve as a judgment against men, no amount of politics and deal-making will ever stop it from coming if men remain in their sin. These are direct responses from heaven, showing us that God is intimately involved with our lives on earth.

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  1. Hello, I am not sure if anyone still runs this page, but I was hoping someone could identify the artist or source of the image that depicts the pale horse. thanks

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