Billionaire Melinda Gates evidently has a lot in common with Nancy Pelosi

“OK … which one of you had these unauthorized children?”

After Gates said she’d attended a Catholic high school in Dallas, Solomon queried Gates: “Do you think the pope is hurting efforts on behalf of women’s health by preaching against the use of birth control?

Gates responded: “I think we need to have birth-control tools all over the world. And he has a different position on that. But for me, I don’t choose to be part of the Catholic Church based on a particular set of rules he’s got or not. I base it on the faith that I have over time having been part of that church.”

Solomon went on to ask: “As a champion of women’s health, you presumably favor abortion rights?

(Editor’s note: Now for the “double-talk”.)

Gates demurred: “The foundation doesn’t take a position on abortion. We do take a position on reproductive-health tools. Women around the world should have a tool that helps them plan their pregnancies.”

(Editor’s note: The interviewer should have asked if abortion was one of those “tools”.)


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