Catholic bishops place conditions on CCHD anti-poverty grants … but things are not that simple.

The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops have spelled out requirements that groups receiving church anti-poverty grants must conform to its teachings in areas such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

The new guidelines come months after a Louisville anti-poverty group and at least five others nationwide lost funding amid disputes over whether they or their coalition partners have opposed church teachings.


Editor’s note:

If the reforms at the USCCB and the CCHD are truly authentic, we’ll know in a year or two (or four). But for now, the wolves are still guarding the hen house.

Talk is cheap, and the USCCB and CCHD have always talked up a storm.

I suggest you respectfully “sit-out” this year’s Thanksgiving week CCHD collection … and donate instead to a proven worthy cause that has not been the source of such extensive, long-term, and largely secret, scandal.

Otherwise, your hard-earned money might still end up promoting abortion, homosexual marriage, and only God knows what else!

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