The Elephant In the Room: Catholic Campaign for Human Development Is Fatally Flawed.

Michael Hichborn, a spokesman for Reform the CCHD Now, called the anti-poverty program “philosophically flawed right from the outset.”

“It never addresses sin as the root cause of poverty, which means it never addresses Christ as a remedy,” he said.

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  1. The Calvinist prejudice presumes success equates to proof of being favored by God. That seems astounding when you say it out loud, but many strut about self confident that God personally favors them, since their rich rewards on earth is proof of God’s love of the rich. Those poor people must have something wrong with them, and must be bound for hell. God must have a sense of humor, with all of the creative inventions about how the master plan of the universe revolves around the successfull wealthy people. Joseph and Mary didn’t stay at the 4 Seasons Resort Hotel in Jerusalem, and Jesus didn’t wear designer clothes either.

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