Islam needs to emerge from its’ self-imposed “dark ages” and join the world community.

The days of Muslim Conquest
and the Crusades are behind us.

by Doug Lawrence

Islam claims to be a religion of peace, but so long as Islam continues to harbor terrorists and murderers within its’ ranks, and so long as Islam appears to officially support various types of revenge and brutal discrimination, under the false guise of Sharia and Jihad, few non-Muslims are ever likely to take Islam seriously, as a true world religion … let alone, a religion of peace.

Muslim Sharia Law is an only slightly modified version of the old Mosaic Law of the Jews. The Law actually worked pretty well in the harsh living environment of nomadic desert dwellers … and it should have … since it was originally given to the Israelites by God (Allah) for that express purpose. But when impressed on modern-day urban citizenry by certain fundamentalist Imams, Sharia can easily take on the look and feel of brute totalitarianism.

All of current-day Islam’s inherent violence and its’ serious denials/abuses of personal freedom make Islam look very unappealing and even frightening to the common man. And that should not come as a surprise, to anyone.

I’m betting that the promoters of true Islam can make a logical case for many/most of their fundamental beliefs and practices, but there’s no way they can ever do the same for violent Jihad and brutal, religious persecution and discrimination … simply because that type of behavior is essentially an unjust, corrupt aberration … and it was never a part of original, authentic Islam.

The days of the Crusades are behind us. The world (except apparently, for certain Muslims, and a few others) has moved on. Now, it’s high time for the true leaders of the Islamic world to get together, universally reject violence and terrorism, disown and shun those who can’t or won’t change their Medieval ways, and finally, join the modern family of nations, in peace.


  1. Could this also go for Christianity as well? The Christian faith has its own radicals who claim God hates certain groups (i.e gays, muslims, etc). Also, on the lines of peace, America is a nation thats been at war for 9 years now, but over 75% of Americans claim to be Christians. Is this not a sign that Christians, as well as Muslims, need to leave the crusades of the dark ages and come into the new age of peace and love?

    • Of course, this should apply to everyone, and for the most part, throughout the western world, regardless of creed, it does … at least in principle.

      Today, we generally don’t find Christian extremists killing Muslims, or attempting to murder large numbers of people in the name of Jesus Christ, and any Christian that would even attempt to do such a thing would be rightly branded a phony and a criminal, and would certainly be arrested and prosecuted, to the fullest extent of the law.

      As for hating … that rhetorical term is generally misapplied for purely political purposes, since the peaceful advocacy of a particular position, based at least in part on one’s religious beliefs does not constitute hate.

      God is love. God doesn’t hate anybody, and neither do authentic Christians. But God’s standards are high, and they remain difficult to live up to.

      Christians are called to continual repentance and conversion, but certain groups who seek public approval for their deviant and/or immoral lifestyles, deliberately choose to mischaracterize fraternal correction as hate, to their own eternal detriment.

      Peaceful political discourse is a time-honored tradition, our right under the U.S. Constitution, and along with our western system of justice … it remains one of the things that makes our country great.

      As for the motives behind the war … who really knows? But if the U.S. was actually at war with Islam, there would be more Christians in the middle east today, rather than fewer … the Christians would have been protected … and supplied with substantial, even overwhelming, political and military power … to the detriment of the Muslims … yet just the opposite is true.

      In short, western civilization, based on Christianity, has over time, evolved into a generally free, tolerant, peace-loving culture. The ideal has yet to be fully realized, but there’s no doubt that we’re trying.

      Islam is still stuck in the dark ages … and like certain Christian extremists … that’s nobody’s fault, but their own.

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