A veritable “Who’s Who” of Pro Abort Hollywood Celebrities

Looking back on 2010, in its recently-released annual report, Planned Parenthood racked up a stunning number of celebrity endorsements from musicians, writers, actors and other big-named people.

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Susan B. Anthony List Posts Sad, Startling Statistics About Planned Parenthood’s Deadly Mission

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood just released its 2008-2009 annual report, and the stats are startling and saddening.

* Planned Parenthood received $363 million in government grants and contracts — our tax dollars — from 2008 to 2009 alone.

* During this same time period, Planned Parenthood destroyed the lives of 324,008 unborn babies and wounded that many mothers.

* While aborting 324,008 babies, Planned Parenthood made just 9,433 adoption referrals.

Their annual report shows that they received the most federal dollars ever — at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer — and this resulted in the most unborn babies ever killed by Planned Parenthood.

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Modern Day Catholic Evangelization Efforts Make Good Use of Radio

“Our primary audience is educated Catholics stuck in traffic,” said Father Francis Hoffman, senior director of mission, programming and development for Relevant Radio. Relevant Radio owns and operates 12 stations and 21 affiliates nationally. “92% of adults listen to the radio every day. It’s much more powerful than television in shaping attitudes and is uniquely adapted to the task of evangelization.”

“The survey reinforces what I know to be true in my own life,” said David Rydberg, program director of Relevant Radio-affiliate KYES 1180 AM in St. Cloud, Minn. “My faith is nourished and fortified by listening to Catholic radio. It’s encouraging that others are also being fed by this kind of programming.

“As Catholics, we all have a role to play in evangelization,” said Rydberg. “By supporting local Catholic radio, you’re engaging in evangelization and making evangelization possible.”

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Latest Scandal: Catholic hospital administrators shop for theologians to support practices that conflict with church teachings.


The severing of ties last week between the Catholic Church and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, Ariz., is the latest example of the fraying relationship between the bishops and Catholic hospital administrators. In recent years, some Catholic hospitals have taken greater liberties, authorizing abortions and sterilization procedures that the church strictly prohibits. Earlier this year, for instance, Rev. Robert Vasa, bishop of the Diocese of Baker, Ore., ended the church’s sponsorship of St. Charles Medical Center in Bend over the hospital’s performance of tubal ligations.

But the Phoenix case breaks new ground. In explaining his decision, Rev. Thomas Olmsted, bishop of the Phoenix Diocese, was the first to explicitly point to the role played by Catholic theologians in providing theological cover for “a litany of practices in direct conflict with Catholic teachings.”

The break began more than a year ago, when a Catholic nun and longtime administrator of St. Joseph’s Hospital gave permission for doctors to perform an abortion. She claimed the pregnancy was terminated to save the life of the mother. Sister Margaret McBride’s decision drew sharp criticism from Bishop Olmsted. After excommunicating Sister McBride, the head of the diocese then turned his attention to the role of the hospital itself.

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Have you read Thomas Aquinas’ 5 proofs of God? Don’t they sound utterly ridiculous?

Q: Have you read Thomas Aquinas’ 5 proofs of God? Don’t they sound utterly ridiculous?

A: Casting pearls before swine has always been utterly ridiculous.

Most people are totally incapable of, or unwilling to try understanding Aquinas’ logic, which must be studied in its proper, Catholic context … and that’s pretty much just as it was, back in the day. 

Fortunately, some of us simply know God, and with that, no further proof is necessary.

You may want to read the “Cliff’s Notes” version:


Why do so many people believe in God/Jesus when there is no proof that he ever existed?

Q: Why do so many people believe in God/Jesus when there is no proof that he ever existed? I’ve read the bible. It’s a book that could have been written by anyone. It doesn’t prove to me that he ever existed.

A: The Bible is indeed authentic documentary evidence for the existence of God, but the best evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ is the Catholic Church, which constitutes not only the world’s oldest, continuously functioning government, but a (THE) living eye-witness to all the events in the New Testament.

You see … Catholics were there when Jesus was born, when he walked the earth, when he died on the cross, when he rose again from the dead, when he returned to heaven, and when the Holy Spirit descended on Pentecost Sunday, to preside over the official “grand opening” of the Catholic Church.

And we’ve been here ever since!

Unless you’ve studied the Bible in a prophetic way, you’ve totally failed to realize that the Bible is the only book in the world that has ever successfully predicted (literally) thousands of future events … many of them, hundreds or thousands of years in advance … all of which culminated in the life, death and resurrection of only one man … who is also true God … Jesus Christ.

Finally, the miraculous, continued existence of the Catholic Church, in spite of its history of human corruption and failure, throughout much of the modern historical period, is also excellent evidence for the existence of God, since it was Jesus Christ alone who personally guaranteed the continued existence of his church, until the end of time … no matter what.

As for me … I know Jesus Christ. Jesus is a close, personal friend of mine. We often spend quality time together … and I hope that will continue, forever.

Perhaps I could introduce you.

If abortion is a completely legitimate and moral decision why not televise it?

Pro-aborts argue that abortion and birth can both be loving and maternal choices. They say that ending a pregnancy stops a “potential person” from becoming an actual person. So why can’t it be televised?

In fact, pro-lifers who dare to hold up graphic displays of the effects of abortion are shouted down as sick and twisted, even by people who work at abortion clinics. But women who tweet about their abortions are lionized as feminist heroes.

If MTV had any real guts their show about abortion would actually include the abortion instead of glossing over it as one of many equally legitimate options. What are they afraid of?

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