Pope Benedict: “Stunned by Church’s wretchedness.” Why I’m Not Buying It!

Why I’m Not Buying It!

In his new book, Pope Benedict claims to be “stunned by how wretched the Church is, by how much her members fail to follow Christ.” What the Pope failed to admit is that liberalism always leads to corruption and wretchedness.

For that matter, the liberals in the church used the 2nd Vatican Council … particularly its aftermath … to take over the church, and change virtually everything that came before. And it certainly was not for the better!

Then Father Ratzinger was one (perhaps even the ring-leader) of those liberals. For over 40 years, in his writings, in his politics, and in his actions, he remained a staunch advocate for many of the most ridiculous post-Vatican II “innovations”.

Bishop Karol Wojtyla (later, Pope John Paul II) and many others, were right there with him … working side by side … dismantling 2000 years of successful, traditional Catholicism … brick by brick … altar rail by altar rail … recreating the Catholic church in their own image and likeness.

Saul Alynsky would have been proud.

And now as pope, Father Ratzinger, in his latest book, wistfully looks back, and says he is “stunned”!

Yeah. Right!

I’m not buying it … and I’m not buying his new book, either!

Shades of Casablanca

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