Who To Believe

Q: Who Am I Supposed To Believe?

A: Anybody can interpret a holy book to any particular purpose, but facts are facts.

The only “faith outfits” that presently exist on the earth who have any real, practical experience with God, from the very beginning, are the Jews and the Catholics.

Neither faith relies on the Bible alone, but on the complete revelation of God via scripture, tradition, and the teachings of those in authority.

The Jews had a major “train wreck” shortly after they rejected Christ, and they’ve never really recovered.

The Catholics carry on pretty much as always, in spite of the rampant corruption that has always existed in the Church, since Judas.

Yet authentic Catholic doctrine … the “Sacred Deposit of Faith” … has remained pure, complete, and undefiled through the ages … which is really some kind of a miracle.

In order to demonstrate all this, and to provide all the necessary citations and pedigrees, Catholics have always scrupulously documented what they teach and (ideally) practice, in exquisite scholarly detail, compiling over the course of some twenty centuries, a complete, systematic theology that has never been equaled … along with a  practical, time-proven, Catholic  philosophy of life.

Meanwhile, every Christian denomination (the Catholic Church is THE Church – NOT a denomination) traces their source and their doctrine to the mere personal opinions of one or more disgruntled theologians, frustrated monarchs, or self-proclaimed committees … who got their start not from Christ … but from some man’s rejection of authentic Catholic dogma, typically during the last 400 years or less … coupled with a deliberate recasting and reinterpretation of the Bible, which to their eternal chagrin, will always remain a Catholic holy book, originally compiled, written, and certified by the Catholic Church, and necessarily reflecting only authentic Catholic beliefs and practices.

In short … Jesus Christ, who is God, certainly possessed the foreknowledge and the power required to establish one universal Church that would remain on earth, for the purpose of our salvation, until the end of time.  And he personally promised that “The gates of Hell would not prevail against it.”

Jesus gave the Catholic Church (Catholic means universal) to all of us, fully formed, possessing all the awesome power, authority, and truth necessary to vanquish evil and to save souls. He never founded, authorized, or approved ANY other.

Can’t beat that!

Jerry V. adds: No other institution in the world can claim the great historical continuity of Roman Catholicism.


  1. what do you mean the jews had a train wreck and never reall recovered- they have been persecuted for thousands of years with multiple train wrecks for example the holocaust that wiped out over 6 million jews but they are still around and represent an alarming influence althought they are a minority——they didnt recover?

  2. Sanaatan Dharam or Sanskriti (Hinduism) is Best, Reasons:
    1. Around 4500000 years old (Adikaal, Satyug,Treta,Dwapar,&Kalyug)
    2. Having all the answers related to mankind & god’s existance
    3. All the other religions nowadays are abstract of this Sanaatan Dharam
    4. All the other religions are come into existance since last 3900 years
    5. Proof1: See Ram Setu, around 1450000years old
    6. Proof2: See million years old Temple in INDIA
    7. Proof3: In Rudraprag Himanchal, a fire is running since satyug (4000000years)

    8. Proof4: There are santific proof of mahabharat & ramayan time, in that time no other religion was in existance as nowadays. everyone even Ravana (great pandit) only follow this sanaatan dharam

    9. Sanaatan Dharam is Hindu’s Sanskriti, carefully check each and every religion of nowadays, you will found many worlds of sanskrit in Kuran, Bible and others

    10. At the End OLD is GOLD,

    Abraham was originally a devotee to lord Shiva and Rama, Kaaba is basically a makkeshwara (another name of lord shiva)

    Qurashiy in slaam means who studied Kurus (peoples of mahabharat)

    rest 4 next…. sorry of any mistake…. GOD is One who splitted into everything. living and non-living.

    you will find answer to all your questions eg. difference between living and dead body or who is me????

    • I appreciate your comments, but the only historical person who ever claimed to be God and then died and rose again to prove it is Jesus Christ – Lord of Lords and King of Kings. All those you mention are either mythical beings or human beings who are still dead.

      As for Abraham – when he set aside his pagan ways and became a faithful follower of the one, true God, he became the legitimate Father in faith of all Christians – but only after he was personally endorsed by Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

      Muslims and Jews are in for a disappointment when they discover that faith in Jesus Christ – not necessarily Father Abraham, is necessary for eternal salvation.

      Why not learn from their long experience, which also goes way back to beginning of earthly humanity?

      Thanks for writing!


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