As Communism is an ideological religion, Islam is a religious ideology.

The absolute political sovereignty of Islam, across the entire expanse of the world, over every living human being, is demanded by all the authoritative sources of Islamic faith: the text of the eternal, irreformable, absolutely flawless and uncreated Qur’an; the burden of the sacred Hadiths that give the authoritative life of the last prophet of God; and the lifetime example (as depicted in these two sources) of that prophet who is the “excellent example” of perfect human conduct.

Any variety of Islam that arises which renounces world supremacy, religious intolerance, the persecution of polytheists, the subjugation of Jews and Christians, the jizya, the oppressive marital laws and unequal sexual arrangements of Sharia would be heretical–as heretical as a variant of Christianity that renounced the divinity of Christ.

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