Top Ten Catholic Predictions for 2011 … and beyond

1. In spite of its ongoing struggle against the world, the flesh, and the devil … the Catholic Church will remain “the Pillar and Ground of the Truth” … just as it has always been, since the beginning. (1st Timothy 3:15)

2. There will still be no substitute for a regular course of Catholic prayer and study … coupled with full, faithful participation in all of the work, worship, sacraments and devotions of the Church.

3. The Holy Spirit will still move. Angels will still work. Miracles will still occur. Some will still doubt.

4. God will still kindly remember to include the good works and prayers of the faithful … in his ongoing plan for our salvation.

5. In spite of the present scandals … the Catholic ministerial priesthood will remain, endure, thrive, and finally, triumph … in Jesus Christ.

6. The body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ will still be really and substantially present in the Holy Eucharist of the Catholic Church.

7. Whenever and wherever Catholics celebrate Mass … offering Jesus, the only perfect and acceptable sacrifice, to God the Father … he will still choose … to look not on our sins … but  on the faith of his Church … setting aside his (quite justifiable) wrath … pouring out superabundant blessings on his people … and on the whole world.

8. The Pope, the earthly leader and chief pastor of the one, holy, apostolic and universal Church, will still hold the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, along with the awesome and virtually unrestricted power of binding and loosing, on Earth and in Heaven. (Matthew 16:19)

9. Jesus will still be about his father’s salvation business. (Luke 2:49) His grace and peace will continue to be available to all … typically, through the Catholic Church … the only church that Jesus ever founded, authorized, empowered, and eternally guaranteed, for that express purpose. (Matthew 16:18, John 17:21)

10. God will still love you and he will continue to provide for all your needs. (So, relax. Do not fear. Be at peace.)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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