Why do so many people believe in God/Jesus when there is no proof that he ever existed?

Q: Why do so many people believe in God/Jesus when there is no proof that he ever existed? I’ve read the bible. It’s a book that could have been written by anyone. It doesn’t prove to me that he ever existed.

A: The Bible is indeed authentic documentary evidence for the existence of God, but the best evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ is the Catholic Church, which constitutes not only the world’s oldest, continuously functioning government, but a (THE) living eye-witness to all the events in the New Testament.

You see … Catholics were there when Jesus was born, when he walked the earth, when he died on the cross, when he rose again from the dead, when he returned to heaven, and when the Holy Spirit descended on Pentecost Sunday, to preside over the official “grand opening” of the Catholic Church.

And we’ve been here ever since!

Unless you’ve studied the Bible in a prophetic way, you’ve totally failed to realize that the Bible is the only book in the world that has ever successfully predicted (literally) thousands of future events … many of them, hundreds or thousands of years in advance … all of which culminated in the life, death and resurrection of only one man … who is also true God … Jesus Christ.

Finally, the miraculous, continued existence of the Catholic Church, in spite of its history of human corruption and failure, throughout much of the modern historical period, is also excellent evidence for the existence of God, since it was Jesus Christ alone who personally guaranteed the continued existence of his church, until the end of time … no matter what.

As for me … I know Jesus Christ. Jesus is a close, personal friend of mine. We often spend quality time together … and I hope that will continue, forever.

Perhaps I could introduce you.


  1. You are one scary, dillusional zealot and I hope I never ever run into you in a dak alley, or anywhere for that matter. Your kind can go off at any time with catastrophic results. Please don’t carry a gun.

    The Catholic church is the largest and greediest cult on the planet, and religion is the number one cause of hate in the world As well, there is enough riches in the Vatican to ensure that no one would ever go hungry, so every time a child dies of malnutrition, it’s the fault of a christian, primarily a catholic. So, your kind are actually murderers, as is your god, who, if he were real, drowns babies, according to your bible and the story of Noah.

    I’m hoping that this article is a joke and not meant to be taken seriously because if it is then you really need help.

    Our purpose in life is to help one another, and ensure that our world and all its creatures are protected. And if there is a god, then I can assure you he is nothing like the man-made one of your fictional bible.

    Blindly following dogma is the reason there is so much grief and hatred in this world. Grow up!!

    • Go ahead and continue “blindly” following your personal dogma. At the same time – applying both faith and reason – I’ll continue to follow mine. When it’s all over, we can compare notes.

      Thanks for writing.


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