Why do we not hear about the Pope in the Bible, since he seems to be “God´s Right Hand”?

Q: Why do we not hear about the Pope in the Bible, since he seems to be “God´s Right Hand”?

A: St. Peter was the first pope, and the Bible correctly states that it was God the Father’s idea.

Jesus (while he still walked the earth) uniquely endowed the pope with the awesome and virtually unrestricted power of binding and loosing on earth and in heaven, as well as giving him the “keys” to the kingdom of Heaven.

I challenge anyone to try to top that. For further proof that Jesus wasn’t kidding, see St. Peter’s basilica, in the Vatican … where the biggest church in the world really IS (literally) built on St. Peter … the Rock … whose bones are actually buried beneath the main altar, there.

And since Jesus is known as the good shepherd, he would certainly never even think of going away and leaving his flock unattended.

Remember … Catholics were there when Jesus, Mary, and all the apostles were still living in 1st century Palestine … and we’ve been here ever since … eye witnesses to authentic, world-wide, universal Christianity … courtesy of the Holy Spirit.

We didn’t just show up 1500 years late … and read about it in a (Catholic) holy book (the Bible).

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