Beautiful message from seminarian shows he has what it takes to be a priest

Jesus, our Heavenly High Priest and Redeemer,
with Mary, Patron Saint of Priests, Mother of the Church

Robert writes: This was sent to me by a young man from our parish studying for the priesthood. How important it is to instill Mary in hearts! Vocations come through Her.

Dear Bob,

I want to say thank you for your inspiration and for your witness to Marian devotion. She keeps us strong! I will be forever grateful that you and I crossed paths at Notre Dame. Mary was always in my life, but you brought her closer to me and sealed her deeply into my soul. So thank you very much!

I continue to post in my blog. Today I wrote about the Rosary. I just wanted to share with you how I ended it:

Thank you dear Lord for inspiring St. Dominic. To transform the priests breviary into a chain of sweet prayer. Now we can give praise to You dear Lord through the arms of Your Mother. Dearest Mother Mary, please take my prayer, clean it of all impurity, and present it to your Son. May it then be received by Him for the Father! May then Love reign down upon us and gentle as dew bring the grace to this world that is in such deep need here below.

I pray that these words may touch you deeply. They are guided by our Lady and from my hand, but truly they find a deep connection to your witness to me.

Thank you Bob. Keep strong and humble in the Faith of our Amazing God.

Dan Thelen

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Submitted by Robert K.

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