What signs would indicate possible demonic activity in a friend or a family member?

ZENIT: What signs would indicate possible demonic activity in a friend or a family member?

Father Thomas: If, for example, if somebody was able to speak in a language that he had no prior competency in, or if someone would foam at the mouth or have a lot of rolling of the eyes.

If the person were not able to walk into a church or be close to any Catholic sacramental: holy water, a crucifix, the sacrament of the Eucharist, the sacramental anointing of the sick, or someone wearing some kind of a Christian symbol. If these caused a reaction, it certainly would be a sign.

Another sign of a diabolical attachment is when people have unnatural amounts of strength that they normally do not possess. Sometimes people will take on a serpentine appearance, again in reaction to sacraments and sacramentals.

But there would be things leading up to that; for example, these people could have an obsessive amount of thoughts or ideas of the Satanic, or feel a tremendous amount of depression in their lives, usually due to tapping into the spirit world. Those would be signs.



  1. I am an ordained minister. I have been very sensitive to demons and demonic activity since I was a child. I have many stories to share. Most recently a demon spoke to me in the voice of my mother who has been dead for 6 years. It said “Connie, it is time to get up.” If you rebuke demons in the name of Jesus Christ, ignore them, and most of all do not be fearful, they will go away.. In the case of the demon that imitated my mother’s voice, I said “How dare you speak to me in my dead mother’s voice. I scolded , rebuked it and commanded it to leave my house in the mighty name of Jesus. I assisted in the casting out of a demon in a young woman minister. It was the usual writhing on the floor, demon speaking in a man’s voice, and trying to crawl under anything it could get under. My ex husband insisted that he could do astral projection. Sometime after our very bitter divorce, I turned over in my bed to face someone lying lengthwise on the bed beside me. As startled as I was I rebuked it in the name of Jesus. I wrestled a demon of death. An older lady in our church was nearing death. She passed away at 2:00AM. I knew that she had died before anyone told me. She came into my bedroom and we wrestled. She twisted my neck and she wanted to take me with her. I know this was true because the next day my neck was feeling as though it had been twisted. I am not crazy and at first I tried to rationalize everything. There is no rationalization for any of these demons. They are what they are. You can’t talk to just anyone about this, only other who believe as you do. People will think you are crazy. I have lots more things I could tell but don’t want to take up too much of your time.

    • Dear Connie,

      Please feel free to write a dozen or so paragraphs on this subject, any time. If appropriate, I will post it as a regular article, along with your by-line.



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