Pro-life youth rally scheduled right after the DC March for Life

News Release

Just a quick note to let you know about the first pro-life youth rally for the March for Life in DC. It takes place immediately following the march just down the street (towards Union Station).

This FREE rally features Barlow Girl and national leaders like Eduardo Verastegui, actor and star of the award-winning movie, Bella; Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King; Abby Johnson, former Director of Planned Parenthood; David Bereit, 40 Days for Life; Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life of America; Erik Whittington, Rock For Life; Lila Rose, Live Action, and Joe Langfeld, Deputy Director of Human Life Alliance.

Any pro-lifer can register for this FREE event. The National Pro-Life Youth Rally will take place after the annual pro-life March in Washington, D.C. on Monday, January 24, 2011. Shows will be from 2:00 to 3:20pm and 3:30 to 5:00pm.

Please note, space will be limited at the Rally. If you aren’t pre-registered, plan to get there early.

Free Action Kits stuffed with pro-life literature, music download cards, and action materials will be provided at the Rally to the first 5,000 participants.

Looking forward to seeing you in DC—God Bless!


Joe Langfeld
Deputy Director

Human Life Alliance
2855 Anthony Lane S, B7
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Submitted by John C.

This Week’s Ask Alice: Does a person need to be ordained in order to access the tabernacle?

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Nancy writes: Our priest recently told us that only ordained hands were allowed in the tabernacle. The person must be an acolyte, deacon, or priest. No extraordinary ministers allowed. Is this true? Thank you.

Alice Answers: The tabernacle is a secure reservoir for the Blessed Sacrament. It is not used as a part of the Mass. There are no iron clad rules regarding whose hands are allowed inside the tabernacle.

Touching the interior of the tabernacle is a matter based on protocol and common sense. During Mass, the celebrant, con-celebrating priest and deacon (ordained men) are at the altar, so protocol and logistics suggest that ordained hands would open and close the tabernacle during the Liturgy of the Eucharist. However, extenuating circumstances, such as a disabled celebrant without a deacon assistant, might necessitate (with the priest’s approval) the use of the hands of an extraordinary minister or layperson.

Properly authorized extraordinary ministers often remove the Blessed Sacrament from the tabernacle during Eucharistic Adoration or when preparing to bring the Holy Eucharist to hospitalized or home-bound persons.

Directives regarding access to the tabernacle may vary from one diocese to another, according to the jurisdiction of the local ordinary (bishop). For example: A bishop or priest might prudently decide to restrict the laity from access to the tabernacle in a church that’s located in a high crime area, or in a community with a large population of non-Christians.

In Christ’s Love,


Pennsylvania Abortion Scandal:”Scores of gruesome killings” of infants born alive.

The grand jury spent a year investigating Gosnell’s practice. According to the report, Gosnell had no nurses on hand to monitor the women’s medication or recovery, no hospital on standby for emergencies and few if any medical records because Gosnell destroyed them. His staff testified about “scores of gruesome killings” of infants born alive.

“These killings became so routine that no one could put an exact number on them,” the grand jury report said. “They were considered ‘standard procedure.'”

Authorities charged that Gosnell deliberately hired unqualified staff so he could pay them low wages. He sent his six children to private schools — one is now a doctor and another a professor — and has a beach house at the New Jersey shore, prosecutors said.

Besides the five charged with murder, five other clinic employees, including Gosnell’s wife, were charged with conspiracy, drug and other crimes. Pearl Gosnell, the doctor’s third wife, performed extremely late-term abortions on Sundays when the clinic was otherwise closed, the report said. All 10 charged were in custody.

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“Why is it OK for a surgeon to perform a sex-change operation, but not OK for a psychiatrist to try to ‘turn’ a consenting homosexual?”

January 18, 2011 ( – In yet another instance of the growing conflict between believing Christian professionals and the homosexualist movement in Britain, a Christian psychotherapist who helps individuals overcome homosexual inclinations may be “struck off,” or barred from practicing her profession.

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New Scandal Brewing: CCHD Director was treasurer of campaign for noted pro-abortion politician.

While the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has come under well deserved scrutiny for supporting groups such as ACORN and groups with ties to promoting abortion, CMR has uncovered that Ralph McCloud, while heading the CCHD in 2008, was simultaneously working as a highly placed campaign official for a pro-choice politician seeking to unseat a pro-life politician.

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The Passing Away of R. Sargent Shriver: Last of the pro-life liberals?

I grew up in Massachusetts during the heyday of this brand of liberalism. I actually remember consistent liberals. Sadly they are now nearly extinct. The Shriver’s stood in the proud tradition of the last truly great Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States; the late Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey. He was a great champion of all the poor and a candidate whom I proudly supported in his bid for the White House. He was censored at the National Democratic Convention when the forces of death on demand in the name of “choice” took over that once great Party. He and the Shriver’s heard the cries of all of the poor, including those whom Mother Teresa rightly called “the poorest of the poor”, children living in the first home of the whole human race who have no voice but our own.

Under the leadership of the late Governor Casey, a full-page advertisement appeared in the New York Times during the Democratic Convention in July 1992 called “A New Compact of Care: Caring about Women, Caring for the Unborn.” Both Eunice and Sargent Shriver signed this document , I offer a small excerpt in honor of Sargent Shriver:

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Randall Terry: Democratic Candidate for President of the United States (and He’s 100% Pro Life)

“Intolerance is a beautiful thing! The Prophet Elijah…intolerant of Jezabel; The Apostle Paul…intolerant of Witchcraft Books; Thomas Jefferson…intolerant of King George III; George Washington…intolerant of British Troops; Frederick Douglas…intolerant of Slavery; Susan B. Anthony…intolerant of Only Men Voting; Amy Carmichael…intolerant of Child Prostitution; Detrich Bonhoeffer…intolerant of Anti-Semitism; Winston Churchill…intolerant of Hitler; Martin Luther King, Jr…intolerant of Segregation; Lech Walesa…intolerant of Communism; Mother Teresa…intolerant of Abortion.” -Randall Terry

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Pennsylvania abortionist killed 7 babies with scissors

Gosnell “induced labor, forced the live birth of viable babies in the sixth, seventh, eighth month of pregnancy and then killed those babies by cutting into the back of the neck with scissors and severing their spinal cord,” Williams said.

Patients were subjected to squalid and barbaric conditions at Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society, where Gosnell performed dozens of abortions a day, prosecutors said. He mostly worked overnight hours after his untrained staff administered drugs to induce labor during the day, they said.

Early last year, authorities went to investigate drug-related complaints at the clinic and stumbled on what Williams called a “house of horrors.”

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Whatever happened to praying the Rosary? Catholic priest uses Transcendental Meditation to help orphans in Latin America.

This article is proof that the end never justifies the means, and that Catholic priests need our prayers today, more than ever.

Here’s an article from a Catholic priest who definitively warns against such eastern mystical practices.

Sacramento bishop calls on pastors to join in regular, unified pro-life efforts across the diocese

“I invite you to lead the people of your parish in a renewed commitment to build a Culture of Life,” wrote Bishop Soto in a Jan. 10 letter to pastors across the diocese.

“To assist pastors and parishes in more effectively pursuing this goal, I propose a simple, unified diocesan plan for implementation of the USCCB’s Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities,” said the bishop’s letter. “This plan consists of (at minimum) FOUR ANNUAL ACTIVITIES which, combined, ensure a comprehensive approach.”

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Jesus … the world, the flesh, and the devil … and us.

Jesus Christ … since he is God … and absolutely incapable of committing sin … lived only to die … so that sin would not totally and forever, consume us all.

Yet, for more than thirty years, Jesus’ human flesh was exposed to myriad forms of earthly temptation.

Hebrews 4:15  For we have not a high priest who cannot have compassion on our infirmities: but one tempted in all things like as we are, without sin.

So it remained always necessary for Jesus to anticipate, contend with, and repeatedly overcome the wicked snares of the devil, in order to successfully complete a mission of redemption that required nothing less than perfection.

Since we all seem to agree that absolute power tends to corrupt, absolutely … it’s my personal opinion that Jesus’ battle with the world, the flesh, and the devil took on staggering dimensions that were never suitably developed or completely revealed in the Gospels … simply because no mortal man could possibly imagine (or properly describe) their full extent.

But Jesus knew precisely who he was, why he was sent, how he was supposed to live, and what he was expected to do. As Christians, so do we … even though we tend to get more easily confused and side-tracked.

In the words of the late Pope John Paul II … powerful words, which shortly resulted in the spectacular and totally unexpected fall of the Soviet Union:

“You are not who they say you are.
Let me remind you who you are.”

If you’ve been baptized, you’re already an adopted child of our loving God. Your eternal soul has already been indelibly marked for salvation. You’re meant to be a living temple of the Holy Spirit. You’re a citizen of Heaven, and once completely initiated and confirmed in the faith, you’re a full-fledged member of the Church. A co-heir with Jesus Christ, to all that God is, and all that God has
to give, you’re already destined for eternal glory.

That’s what we’re called by God to live “up” to. And that’s no lie!

It remains true for you, true for me, and true for every Christian everywhere, for all time.

And while we don’t all bear the same type of temporal, earthly “cross”, there’s no doubt that the eternal rewards and the glory always go to the overcomers (link).

“Mantras” are names of false, Hindu gods.

Fr. Kneemiller Reveals His Innocent Beginnings With The New Age Movement, His Conversion Through the Family Rosary,  A Healing Process Lasting Well Into His Priesthood and A Warning For All To Hear.

Read his true story

The rise, dominance, and decline of a culturally accommodating Catholicism

The Bernardin Era is over and the Bernardin Machine is no more. Understanding what that era was about, and what that machine embodied, is important for understanding the options that have now been opened for a different pattern of episcopal leadership in the Catholic Church in the United States and a different mode of engagement between the Church and American public life.

The era and the machine reflected the background, the perspective on the U.S. Catholic experience, and the ecclesiastical and political convictions of the man for whom both epoch and network were named.

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Why be Catholic?

The fact that Jesus Christ took on flesh, lived a human existence, communicated and confirmed certain divine truths, died, subsequently rose again, and (while he still walked the earth) founded and personally guaranteed the Catholic Church (in spite of the human corruption, which has always been a part of it) provides Catholic Christianity with a unique status, as the only constant, living eye-witness to divine truth (and the ONLY church that Jesus Christ EVER founded, authorized, empowered and eternally guaranteed, for the purpose of our salvation.)

Beautiful message from seminarian shows he has what it takes to be a priest

Jesus, our Heavenly High Priest and Redeemer,
with Mary, Patron Saint of Priests, Mother of the Church

Robert writes: This was sent to me by a young man from our parish studying for the priesthood. How important it is to instill Mary in hearts! Vocations come through Her.

Dear Bob,

I want to say thank you for your inspiration and for your witness to Marian devotion. She keeps us strong! I will be forever grateful that you and I crossed paths at Notre Dame. Mary was always in my life, but you brought her closer to me and sealed her deeply into my soul. So thank you very much!

I continue to post in my blog. Today I wrote about the Rosary. I just wanted to share with you how I ended it:

Thank you dear Lord for inspiring St. Dominic. To transform the priests breviary into a chain of sweet prayer. Now we can give praise to You dear Lord through the arms of Your Mother. Dearest Mother Mary, please take my prayer, clean it of all impurity, and present it to your Son. May it then be received by Him for the Father! May then Love reign down upon us and gentle as dew bring the grace to this world that is in such deep need here below.

I pray that these words may touch you deeply. They are guided by our Lady and from my hand, but truly they find a deep connection to your witness to me.

Thank you Bob. Keep strong and humble in the Faith of our Amazing God.

Dan Thelen

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Submitted by Robert K.

It’s true. The Old Law of Moses (including the Commandments and everything) was perfectly fulfilled and then set aside, by Jesus Christ.

Mount Sinai On the First Pentecost:
Moses Receives the Ten Commandments

The ethical commands of the Mosaic Law are still highly regarded by the Church and the Church uses them.

By the same token, however, the Church does not want anyone legally bound to the Mosaic Law as an entity in itself because, if we were, then the Mosaic Law would condemn us with no chance of salvation (Gal 3:10-11).

THIS is why the whole law had to go, not just bits and pieces of it. For if any of the law remained, on a legal foundation, it would legally condemn us to hell.

Christians are free from the Law, since we are now bound to Jesus Christ, through his New Covenant Church.
(A much better deal!)

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Conscience, church teachings, and when it’s OK to disagree.

… A Catholic is not bound to an fallible document. If, in good conscience, he cannot accept a certain teaching from a fallible document because he believes it contains one or more erroneous teachings, he is not bound to keep those particular teachings.

He is only bound to keep it if the Church declares that the doctrine is infallible. Any other doctrine can be contested for conscience sake.

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Editor’s note: If only we could agree on which documents are which!

PRESS RELEASE: A January 29 event in keeping with the spirit of MLK


The ArchAngel Institute is presenting a community discussion of the Manhattan Declaration in the basement theater of the Allen County Public Library at 3 pm on Saturday, January 29, 2011.

The Manhattan Declaration is a call to “Christian Conscience” that was authored by Catholic and Evangelical scholars. It has been signed by tens of thousands in Christian leadership. It is a pledge to stand firm on the historic Christian teachings regarding the sanctity of human life, the definition of marriage and the free exercise of the Faith. More on this document is available here:

A panel experienced in both Christian activism and the discussion of Christian obedience in the face of anti-Christian governance will address the Declaration from differing perspectives. Priests Father David Mary and Father Glenn Kohrman are on this panel, as well as theologian Dr. John Bequette and nurse/pro-life advocate Gloria Carrel.

Former Bishop Dwenger teacher/coach and local businessman Bob Brownis hosting this event for the ArchAngel Institute. This promises to be an interesting and robust conversation of some of the most controversial topics of the day. The panel will take questions from those in attendance.

This event follows the 37th Annual March for Life, which begins with a rally at the Scottish Rite Cathedral at 12 noon on the same day.

Visit the ArchAngel Institute Site

The War Against the Christians: The most important story not being told.

Imagine if Muslims in Europe were being arrested for nothing more than peacefully practicing their religion. Imagine if Muslims in South America were being sentenced to death for “insulting” Jesus. Imagine if mosques were being bombed and burned by terrorists in a growing list of Christian-majority countries.

Now here’s what you don’t need to imagine because it is all too real: In recent days, Christian churches have been bombed in Egypt, Iraq, Nigeria, and the Philippines. In Indonesia a mob of 1,000 Muslims burned down two Christian churches because, according to one commentator, local Islamic authorities determined there were “too many faithful and too many prayers.” In Iran, scores of Christians have been arrested. In Pakistan, a Christian woman received the death penalty for the “crime” of insulting Islam; the governor of Punjab promised to pardon her — and was then assassinated for the “crime” of blasphemy.

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Left Wing Tuscon Lawman Blames Everybody But Himself

A lot of people are wondering what to do about Clarence Dupnik, sheriff of Pima County, Ariz. He’s the left-wing lawman who shot off his mouth and blamed everyone to the right of President Obama for the Jan. 8 massacre in Tucson. Last April, he boasted that he would not enforce S.B. 1070, the state’s immigration enforcement law, which he called “racist,” “stupid” and “disgusting.” In September, he accused Tea Party members of being bigots.

Name-calling is one thing. More seriously, Sheriff Dupnik‘s rants may have compromised the future prosecution of suspect Jared Lee Loughner, 22, in the shootings that left federal Judge John Roll, a 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green and four others dead, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition and 11 others wounded.

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