Mark Warren should have paid closer attention when his mom was teaching him about the Catholic faith.

Esquire blogger Mark Warren equates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ with the myth of Scientology, but it seems that Warren doesn’t really know a thing about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ:

Warren writes: I mean, I grew up believing that every breath I drew sent a god-made-man named Jesus Christ writhing on the cross to which he had been nailed — an execution for which he had been sent to earth by his heavenly father thousands of years ago, so that he might die for my sins so that I might live. And yet I was born not innocent but complicit in this lynching, incomprehensibly having to apologize and atone for this barbarism for all my days and feel terrible about myself and all mankind. And not only that, but every day when I went to Mass, we would solemnly re-create this human sacrifice by drinking Christ’s blood and eating his body in delicious wafer form. This was not an exercise in metaphor. As long as I shall live, I will never forget the look of spiritual transport on the face of my mother every time she received Communion. This was not a symbol of Christ’s body; this was his body, through the miracle of transubstantiation. “You better believe it, boy,” she’d say to me. And so I did. Oh, and then we’d wrap up each Mass by celebrating the fact — fact — that three days after Jesus had died, as any mere mortal would have after having been set up by your father and nailed to a cross by a mob, his spirit had risen on a cloud into heaven to rejoin the same god in the sky who had sent him on this errand in the first place.

Mark, any Catholic knows that after spending three nights in the tomb, Jesus rose again from the dead – body, blood, soul and divinity … not just spiritually.

And while Jesus’ divine spirit and his human soul were certainly busy during the time his dead body was resting in the tomb … once he had risen … Jesus remained on earth for another 40 days … and during that time, Jesus appeared bodily to the apostles, and also to some 500 other witnesses … on a number of different occasions … and in various places.

Mark Warren … you are an ignoramus!

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