A Supernatural Lost and Found Department

Many, it seems, have had the experience of losing something dear and important, only to find it show up again, in a way that implies the miraculous — and in some cases, seems to preclude any other explanation.

That’s Our Lord: always recovering what we lose! It’s not always a miraculous “materialization.” Most often, He simply directs us as to where to look — whether in our spiritual lives or physical reality.

We have related some of the feedback before. But there has been additional mail.

“About 12 years ago my husband lost his wedding ring,” noted, for example, Peggy Diesburg of Denver. “For three weeks we looked all over for it.  Underneath beds, behind and under furniture. We could not find it anywhere.

“Then on a Sunday morning the ring was lying on top of the bedroom dresser in a very obvious place. Now it’s a place we passed every day (as much as five or six times a day). This was our bedroom dresser! Every day my husband would take his clothes out of the drawer in the dresser and would have easily noticed the ring had it been laying on top. When my husband found the ring on the dresser, he thought I had found the ring and failed to tell him. Of course, that was not the case. I was as surprised as he was when it was found. We both looked at each other in amazement. Definitely a miracle! No other explanation except a miracle.”

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