Tom Roeser Criticizes Milwaukee Archbishop Listecki for His Position On Madison, WI Union Stand-off.

CHICAGO — To the Most Rev. Jerome Listecki, archbishop of Milwaukee: What in the world possessed you to turn out a statement conveying the view of all the state’s bishops that comes down on the side of the amply well- paid union workers in Wisconsin?

I write as a labor union member in good standing ( American Federation of Television and Radio Artists AFL- CIO). Your statement maintains it is a plea for “ the legitimate rights” of public employees. Thus it was immediately snapped up by the liberal media as an endorsement of the well-paid public employees under the misleading rubric of “ social justice.”

Archbishop, where is the “social justice” when taxpayer- paid lawmakers flee the state to avoid a democratic vote in an era when citizens are rebelling against a looming public- pension crisis that threatens bankruptcy in cities,counties, and states — a crisis made possible by public employees, already protected by civil service and who cannot be terminated, who hold politicians hostage in their collective bargaining?

The crowd demonstrating in Madison claims to support democracy like the crowds urging democracy in Tunisia. In reality, they are antithetical to democracy, cheering dereliction of legislative duty, supporting the thwarting of the will of the majority by supporting the Democratic minority that has fled to Illinois.

Regrettably they are using your statement among others as a pretext — and tying Catholic theology to it.

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Editor’s note: Archbishop Listecki comes from Chicago, and he’s obviously been infected by Chicago’s liberal politics. Nothing surprising there. Nor is there anything surprising about one bishop refusing to criticize another. Politics as usual … Catholic style!

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