Join the L.A. March for Life – Saturday, March 12, 2011

History of the Los Angeles March for Life:

Members of the Knights of Columbus, Van Nuys Council 3148, have always been active in the Pro-Life movement. In recent years, however, we became active in fundraising for pro-life causes under the direction of Brother Charles Howe. Brother Howe has raised thousands of dollars for pro-life activities and through his efforts, connected the Van Nuys council with the Pregnancy Counseling Center of Mission Hills.

Plans for the first March for Life started in May of 2003. Past Grand Knight John Riordan, Pro-life Chairman and Past Grand Knight John Costello and Julie Ball, Director of the Pregnancy Counseling Center started planning the March and through their efforts and the efforts of the members of the Van Nuys council the first annual March for Life was held in Los Angeles in March of 2004.

What is the purpose of the LA March for Life?

The purpose of the Los Angeles March for Life is to raise awareness. First, we want inform women struggling with this decision that there are real “choices” that exists other than killing a precious, innocent child and that there are local organizations who will help them with these choices. Second, we want people to become more aware of the sanctity of life. We see life from the Christian perspective that God creates it and that it is a gift from God. Third, we want the people in one of the most prodigious abortion states to know that there are those of us who do not agree with the killing of over 50 million innocent lives since 1973.

With that said, the LA March for Life is a celebration of life, not a protest. We are a peaceful group, marching in solidarity and speaking for the voiceless children who have already suffered and standing in support of those who might be saved in the future.

Who can attend the March?

The LAMFL is a festive family event involving children, adolescents and adults. While the Knights of Columbus is a Catholic organization, this event is inclusive of all faiths. Anyone who believes that life is precious and supports saving the lives of the innocent children taken by abortion is welcome to participate

Details/Schedule of Events:

8th Annual LA March For Life Program:

St. Cyril of Jerusalem Church,15520 Ventura Blvd., Encino, CA 91436-3108 (Parking Lot)

-Sponsored by Knights of Columbus, Van Nuys Council

Saturday, March 12, 2011

8:00 AM Registration – Introduction of Entertainers and St. Genevieve Choir

Tom O’Malley, Jr. Grand Knight

Nick Bryan, MFL Chair, John Riordan, PGK, John Costello, PGK lamlf Co-founders…tribute To Charlie Howe Co-founder


MFL-Registration, Priests for Life, Human Life Alliance, Silent No More, Survivors, KC membership, MFL-hats, donuts, coffee, water

8:55 AM Welcome – Opening Prayer – Introduction of national Guest Speakers

Tom O’Malley, GK, Nick Bryan MFL Chair, John Riordan, PGK, John Costello, PGK Co-founders

FR. Denis Wilde, professional pianist, Priests for Life (New York), Joe Langfeld, Human Life Alliance (Minnesota), Guyla Mills, Silent No

More, Orange County, Nancy Corbett, Pregnancy Counseling Center (Mission Hills)

9:00 AM MFL -RALLY led by Tom O’Malley, GK, Nick Bryan, Fr. Denis Wilde, John Riordan, John Costello and Guest Speakers

Guest speakers will talk about their organization, Pro-life and March for Life issues, testimonials…

10:00 AM MFL – Two-mile walk down Ventura Blvd. led by Tom O’Malley, Fr. Denis Wilde, Nick Bryan, John Riordan, John Costello

11:00 AM – Guyla Mills, Silent no More – Testimonials

11:35 AM – Closing Prayer

– California leads the nation with over 200 thousand abortions per year. One LA abortion doctor earns 10K per day

– There is sadly no more dangerous place to live than in the womb. A priest needs to be at the front, side by side and supporting his flock in this battle for life. Ours is not an option to wait for someone else to come along. FR. Denis Wilde, Priest for Life -2011

-We must promote a culture of life and sanctity of life. Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II 1997

-Since Roe v. Wade in the past 30 years most Christians have done little or nothing to stop abortion. Dr. D. James Kennedy -2003

-There is strength in unity. There is strength in numbers.

-All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Edmund Burke -1774

Los Angeles March for Life Mailing Address/Contacts:

14450 Valerio Street

Van Nuys, CA 91405

LA March for Life Chairman – Nick Bryan (818) 789-3237

Co-Founder March For Life Activity – John Costello, PGK (949) 285-8918

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