This Week’s Ask Alice: “Eternal Damnation for Temporary Sins” and “If Jesus Is God, Why Did He Need To Pray?”

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Anonymous writes: If Jesus is God then why did he pray for his “daily bread” and to be “forgiven of our debts”?

Alice responds: Jesus taught his apostles how to pray by saying the, “Our Father.” (Matthew 6: 9-13) Jesus, the Son of God, lived His entire earthly life in obedience to His Heavenly Father. Jesus behaved as the perfect Son to be an example for his apostles, and all of us. How we should think, speak, pray and act as children of God.

While on earth, Jesus continually prayed to His Father for his daily bread, i.e., sustenance and strength. When Jesus fed five thousand people with five loaves and two fishes, he prayed for our daily bread. “He took the five loaves and two fish, looked up to heaven, blessed and broke them and gave the loaves to his disciples, who in turn gave them to the people.” (Matthew 14:19)

Jesus’ prayer, “forgive us our debts” must be taken in context. “Forgive us the wrong we have done as we forgive those who wrong us.” Although Jesus never sinned, he set a prayerful example of forgiving those who wrong us when he forgave the soldiers who nailed him to the cross.

“Father, forgive them: they do not know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34)


Defiant writes: What is so loving about eternal damnation for temporary sins?

Alice answers: God does not cast anyone into hell for the commission of any sins, venial or mortal. God, who is love, desires every person to spend eternity with him in Heaven. Since we have free will, we choose where we will spend eternity. The only people who experience eternal damnation are those refuse to repent and receive God’s mercy.

God gives us an infinite number of chances to repent of our sins. God grants us pardon and forgiveness for all of our temporary sins each time we receive absolution in the sacrament of Penance. The punishment for our sins, hell, is washed away in the Confessional. Those who die in the state of serious sin, without receiving the Sacrament of Penance, are given one last chance to repent when we stand before the Judgment Seat of God. Every sinner who expresses contrition and begs for forgiveness will be saved from eternal damnation through God’s Divine Mercy. God’s love for each one of us is incomprehensible!

“I tell you, there will likewise be more joy in Heaven over one repentant sinner than over ninety-nine righteous people who have no need to repent.” (Luke 15:7)

In Christ’s love,


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