Conservative theologian: Fast-tracking JPII’s canonization would be wrong.

Let’s begin with one of the more horrendous events that occurred in his pontificate – the homosexual/pedophile scandal. This may well be the worst scandal in the Church’s entire 2000 year history and one that spread without restraint for the entire 26 years of his reign.

As late as 2010 new revelations of clerical sexual abuse were uncovered in many European countries. The fact that it all happened under John Paul II’s watch should be enough to derail any attempt at putting him on the fast-track toward canonization.

The sadder fact is there exists circumstantial evidence that he is personally culpable, either in allowing his bishops to shuffle incriminated priests from diocese to diocese or in the whisking away of these same bishops to the Vatican for safe haven (e.g., Cardinal Bernard Law who was given sanctuary at the Vatican before he could be prosecuted by the civil authorities in Boston).

By and large, John Paul II seems to have turned a blind eye to the heinous sins occurring against little Catholic boys. The recent case of Fr. Marciel Maciel Degollado, patron of the Legionaires, speaks for itself. Maciel was a personal friend of the Holy Father, but had been molesting little boys for decades as well as fathering children from several different women. He lived high on the hog, raking in millions from Catholic men and women who fell victim to his brainwashing techniques, all of whom were required to take a vow not to criticize him.

When news of Maciel’s sordid life was revealed to John Paul II he simply denied it was true and refused to initiate any investigation.

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