A Big Question About the Father Corapi Affair: Aren’t we mixing apples and oranges?

The Big Question: Why were strict procedures developed for investigating the alleged clerical abuse of children apparently applied to the Father Corapi case … when according to Catholic Canon Law … the gravity of the two cases … and the potential sanctions … are not even remotely similar?


  1. Good question, and shouldn’t Fr. Corapi be considered innocent until proven guilty? What’s up with the immediate “administrative leave” being put into action? Was Fr. even given the time to catch his breath before they decided to defile his reputation by applying these displaced rules to him?

  2. I think this is all just a way to shut him up. He always tells the truth, he’s not afraid to expose the failings of the Catholic church and perhaps there are those who would rather he be silenced. I will not watch EWTN again unless or until he returns.

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