In Canada, things continue to get curiouser and curiouser … homosexually.

TORONTO, Ontario, March 22, 2011 ( – The Toronto Catholic school board, the largest in Canada, opened a workshop to develop their policy on equity and inclusive education earlier this year with a prayer calling the homosexual inclination a “manifestation of [God’s] goodness.” The revelation has Catholic parents calling foul and pleading for the bishops of Ontario to have another look at the equity policy.

The prayer, read at the January 24th meeting, asked Christ to “give us all the grace to own our sexual identity, whatever its orientation, as another manifestation of your goodness.”

“Give us the vision to recognize and reject the homophobia around us and in our own hearts, as well,” it added.

The revelation heightens concerns that some at the board are using the equity policy, which comes as part of the Ontario government’s mandatory and controversial equity and inclusive education strategy, to subvert Catholic teaching in the area of homosexuality.

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