God’s Awesome Creation: Sunset at the North Pole

This is sunset at the North Pole … a scene you will probably never get to see in person … so take a moment and enjoy God’s awesome work.

You see the sun below the moon … an amazing photo … and one not easily duplicated.

You may want to pass it on to others, so they can enjoy it.

Submitted by Bob Stanley


  1. Follks, that is a beautiful photograph. Unfortunately, it is not real. There is no way the sun and the moon will line up like that at the North Pole, and this time of the year – the sun is not that high over the horizon. Also there is not that much open water at the Pole this time of the year.

    Final commend: This photo was posted and has been on Snopes since 2006 as an example of Faux – photography. As I said – it is beautiful, and the Real Moon that night was SPECTACULAR! Unfortunately, the photo is not real. God’s works are too beautiful to be faked.

  2. Who are you that knows this fact? Not trying to be rude…just want to know more before I send this to my friends! thanks

  3. Yes, I’m afraid that this is just a fake image -not even a particularly good one unless you’ve never been outside and actually looked at the sky. In the real world the sun and moon appear to be nearly the exact same size in the sky (that’s why total eclipses look like they do). If the moon was as big as this we’d never see a beautiful diamond ring eclipse. Please feel free to distribute this as an example of God’s ability to make people who can use Photoshop…

  4. even if the photo was real, which i doubt, the author of this site is so ignorant that i feel sick. in today’s times, one has to be a fanatic to speak of god as a matter of fact. have faith in him, believe in him or hope that he’s there, but do not poison our poor children with your ignorant comment that god is there as a fact. what makes me as sick is your naive comment that god created this but we wont see this in person…hello, why would god create something that we cant see…
    oh yeah, heres a picture of it. wow, this site and author scare the crap out of me. watch the science channel and learn something!!!!

    • I totally agree with Rich. It is time we leave the bible where it belongs…in the old days!!!

      • From your respective comments, it’s clear that neither of you are experts at astronomy or photography – and certainly not religion. As for your feelings – you have a right to “feel” any way you want. I hope you two will be very happy together.


  5. That is beautiful. Wished it looked like that really!!:)

  6. oh doug, i guess you are an expert in those fields. dont make me laugh. you did state that god made that view in the sky. on what proof are you speaking from????? that is your opinion and to make such absurd statements is insulting to me and any other rational person. I guess anyone can make up their own story. We are living in 2014, not 1288. Science is fact and religion is a fairy tale. Get real!

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