Deep pockets: Father Corapi was awarded almost three milion dollars in a 2005 medical malpractice lawsuit.

In 2002, Corapi received a heart catheterization and other tests from the hospital’s cardiology chief, Dr. Chae Hyun Moon. The doctor insisted he needed immediate open-heart surgery, Corapi said in court documents and in interviews.

Corapi told investigators he postponed the surgery for a week and traveled to Las Vegas, where four heart specialists tested him, examined him and told him he was perfectly healthy.

Corapi notified the FBI.

In October 2002, acting on Corapi’s allegations and other complaints of unnecessary procedures, a team of FBI agents raided the Butte Street hospital.

The raid, which drew national headlines and a “60 Minutes” expose, sent the stock of the hospital’s parent company, Tenet Healthcare Corp., tumbling.

In subsequent years, Tenet, the doctors and their insurance companies paid out a half-billion dollars in criminal and civil settlements. No charges ever were filed, and the doctors maintained their innocence.

Moon’s medical license was stripped by the Medical Board of California in 2007.

Two cardiac surgeons, Kent Brusett and Fidel Realyvasquez Jr., were placed on probation by the medical board but were allowed to keep practicing.

The hospital since has been sold twice, and its name was changed to Shasta Regional Medical Center.

In 2005, Corapi was awarded $2.7 million in a whistle-blower lawsuit.


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