Reader strenuously disagrees with Remnant Catholic Newspaper opinion on beatification of Pope John Paul II.

Paul (from across the pond) writes:

There is NO Saint canonized or otherwise that does not hold some dark skeleton in the cupboard. We should never be surprised to know that the saints are all very human and like any part of flesh and blood humanity are subject to sin and failure. The Saints are weak and feeble apart from the light of Christ that shines from within them.

The Roman Church does not require or accept that any saint is above the vision of Our lords grace and it never has demanded of its Saints that for example they are good. The Catholic Church requires a soul that it recognises as being Saintly to be of HEROIC VIRTUE.

The Church fully understands that human beings are weak and will make many decisions that are in the hindsight of history perhaps sometimes lacking in vision. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church understands that its Lord and Saviour desires souls to be inspired by something great in the lives of these heroic men and women. As far as Christendom is concerned that means we admire and respect individuals that have to a large extent and in the most trying circumstances lived according to their faith to the point of this heroic virtue.

The Catholic Church also desires that to assist it in declaring any person worthy of Beatification and Canonization should produce a miracle. This is done for the benefit of our disbelief and our own weaknesses and does not require any other critique.

Therefore we are presented with the Beatification this May of the late John Paul 2nd. Pope Benedict has always supported the cause of his predecessor and indeed in naming him as “The Great” has already implied his certain sanctity.

As a Polish Man he grew up under two of the most evil regimes in human history and when pope he took the message of Christ to a dark and broken world using all his talents and charisma to brighten it by the Love of Christ. That some have found his abilities to reveal Jesus thus is not a shock but when Catholics sneer at his pontificate they deepen the shadow of personal sin and show ignorance to an enlightened world that should shame Satan himself!

The article contests for example that because John Paul was the pontiff at a time of terrible scandal for the clergy etc the “buck stops here” and he is theoretically responsible for the obscene abuses that have come to light in recent years. Further that his friendship with proven evil priests that lived secret bad lives meant they were protected from censure and their evil was allowed to continue.

Firstly we must note that all the Bishops of the world and all the faithful have a share in the sinfulness of these crimes. We have a collective responsibility and failure by any Bishop to halt evil is an abuse. Yet we also should appreciate that most people are of good character and not involved in these horrendous crimes committed by modern Judas Iscariots. Those whom have committed their heinous acts will have to take personal responsibility for these before the Lord of Justice.

With that understood we cannot imply in good conscience that John Paul knew are ever would have agreed with such acts nor that he defended them.

It may be true that popes have at times tried to defend persons of horrible character yet logically this does not follow that the pope was himself of bad moral character rather that humans are subject to human judgment and we do not know what is in a soul before God.

We trust however that Jesus will understand any failings we have and we pray especially for sinners . . .as this obviously includes ourselves . .but a modern pope must always try to be of understanding temperament.

The point I should like to make here is that we cannot as Christians suggest that clerical abuse was willed or instigated by papal acts. In recent times under pope Benedict and as the scandal has turned into a tsunami of horror the Church has become more aware of what has taken place and Pope Benedict has started to clamp down wherever possible against the abuse that has caused such suffering.

However the article really shows its colours in its vindictiveness against the person of John Paul 2nd as it erupts into a further critique of what the author presumably feels is manifest corruption. For example he attacks the Pontiff because he famously brought to Assisi members of other and non Christian belief systems to pray.

This he concludes is abuse because these pagans did not recognize Christ as the Divine Saviour and are still beyond grace? This of course is heretical because the Church has always allowed for non Christians the possibility of salvation by Gods Divine Providence. John Paul was totally correct and his action was and is a stimulus for all good people of good will no matter creed to adore God the Father in his Creative aspects. It was to Assisi that John Paul called the conferences and for good reason. Go read St Francis and it will become obvious why. Lastly on this point His Holiness Pope Benedict has also plans for doing the same act very soon. Let us hope therefore that this mistaken author will not burst a blood vessel!

With later reference to Islam and the Jews, Pope John Paul again started to try and build bridges to these faiths. He understood that God The Father is revealed in much of their doctrine and we as Catholics and Christians have a duty to be tolerant and understanding of them. It is not an option and we may not counter this discipleship by restating earlier misunderstandings by Christians. The church has not always behaved well towards its humanity but we must now go forward in more certain light and much of this new enlightenment is thanks to John Paul himself.

Reference the Remnant article here

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