Will success spoil Father John Corapi?

By Doug Lawrence

Some have maintained that the statement issued by Santa Cruz Media was in some way, disobedient, inappropriate or misleading. Taking it at face value, I see it merely as additional positive confirmation of the facts alleged in Father Corapi’s original statement.

By now, many have figured out that Santa Cruz Media Inc. is a corporation of which the CEO and registered agent appears to be none other than Father John Corapi. I say, “So what?” For a host of reasons, running a business through a corporation is a smart way to go. Furthermore … the statement of Bobbi Ruffatto, Vice President of Operations at Santa Cruz Media, stands on its own as the best, first hand, eye-witness testimony we have, so far. I’m grateful for that.

As for the part about the corporation being a private, secular corporation, not under the jurisdiction of the Catholic Church: Of course that’s true! And because of that, there is absolutely no reason for Santa Cruz Media to suspend normal business operations, even though Father Corapi has been temporarily suspended from his ministry.

Some have also assumed that Father Corapi had taken a vow of poverty … something which seems very unlikely, based on his apparent living arrangements. But even if he did, there’s nothing to say that he couldn’t have been dispensed from that vow.

Then we have others who are concerned that Father Corapi has been looking rather tan and has apparently been dying his hair. Again I say, “So what?” The man has been sick, he’s no spring chicken, and he’s smart to maintain his appearance … especially since he regularly appears on television.  A nice tan and a bit of hair color makes you look alive for the camera … and it also minimizes the need for a lot of troublesome and tedious makeup.

In this age of 1080p HD TV such things are more important than ever … especially for those who already have a lot of miles on them. Ask anyone in the industry!

Now … about that late model BMW automobile that Father Corapi allegedly chooses to drive…

I hate BMW’s!


  1. Part of my understanding about Santa Cruz Media being a for profit organization is that it allows Father Corapi to speak out the truth , as he sees it, about the United States, it’s laws and it’s officials, elected or appointed. Father has often stated that he believes the reason many priests, as well as ministers of Protestant churches as well as Rabbi’s. do not speak out about the sinful practices in our society, such as abortion ,same sex marriages, and how we should elect those who favor Christian morals and values, is because they are afraid their churches and temples will lose their nonprofit tax status.
    Putting on conferences of the magnitude that Father Corapi gives, requires financial backing , as well as travel and lodging expenses, and security expenses as he has received numerous death threats. Popularity does come at a price..I am sure that after all his expenses are exacted , he is allowed by his order to keep a certain percentage of his profits. He surely helps to provide for the support of his order which does extensive missionary work with migrants and the poor of Mexico.
    My prayers are for the swift resolution of the recent allegations that have been leveled against him by an apparently vindictive employee. May Easter also bring about a resurrection of his ministry which is definitely led by the Holy Spirit . May God renew him by the power of his love so that he may help to renew the face of the earth.
    PS. I have many cousins who drive BMW’s. Me, I’d be happy with a car that runs right now!

  2. So, Doug, what’s the price of a soul these days? Did you take payment in a lump, or in installments?

    • Dear hrh,

      I always prefer a lump sum. How about you?

      • Like most people, I’ve never sold my soul. And never got hooked on Bish Club Kool-Aid, even though they’ve had 1700 years to perfect it.

        And, unlike you, never pretended to believe in Bronze Age superstitions to scam those unfortunates who do,

      • Until now, I thought you were just a disgruntled BMW driver! Better check your history. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ, while he still walked the earth, almost 2000 years ago. Jesus gave us his flesh to eat and his blood to drink. Not Kool-Aid. As for the particular judgment and the eternal disposition of any human soul … such matters are reserved solely to God. Not you or I. Even bronze age people understood that.

  3. Like the author says, “So what.” Priests and their leaders do whatever they want anyway. What can the average Catholic do about anything? If priests are obsessed with their images and lead hidden lives that are less than simple and holy, so what… Shut up and sit back down in your pew. Do you want to go to heaven or not?

  4. The whole sorry mess is a sad sad affair for the Catholic Church. The Evil One has another notch in his belt.

    Father God, give us wisdom, discernment, and grace to persevere.

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