Pro-Life Advocates Remember Terri Schaivo on Death Anniversary

On the anniversary of her 13-day starvation and dehydration death at the hands of her former husband, pro-life advocates are remembering Terri Schiavo and promising to help disabled patients like her.

Kristan Hawkins, the executive director of Students for Life of America, will be speaking today at the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network’s symposium at Ave Maria School of Law. She spoke with before the event, where she will touch on prenatal diagnosis and health care’s effects on special needs patients.

“We honor Terri Schiavo today, by speaking at the Medical Ethics Symposium at Ave Maria School of Law. Her fight for Life reflects the importance of caring for those with special needs, especially with end of life decisions and prenatal diagnosis,” Hawkins said. “In both cases, pro-lifers need to stand for the most defenseless among us.”


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  1. if i am in that condition, kill me. if my family had kept me alive, it would have been like being in prison for the rest of my life, each day, drowning in my inability to communicate…my soul dying a little more each day.

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