Seen on the web: JPII beatification validating the catastrophe of Vatican II

A new CEO takes over the world’s largest corporate body. He declares he will continue the work of his predecessor once removed. A work that saw a widespread decline in prophets. He treats his oath of office as belonging to another time not his. His words and actions over 25 years effectively deny a cardinal tenet of his mission statement. They foster indifference to the company product.

During his stewardship his sales force declines precipitously. Trainees for replacements are down 90 percent. Plants are closed.

Two-thirds of former clients no longer use the product. Those who do are divided between those who don’t see or are resigned to accepting a watered down product (indistinguishable from competitors) and those who want to water it down further.

On passing, some declare him “saint” while others add “the Great” to his name. The world loves him whereas the founder of the company said “as they have hated me they will hate you.”

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Complete Listing of Chicago Area Divine Mercy Sunday (5/1/2011) Devotions

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A pictorial essay on Pope John Paul II (33 photos)

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Planned Parenthood does more than just killing babies … and John Wayne Gacy built some nice homes!

New Planned Parenthood Mascot?

by Doug Lawrence

Besides annually killing around 350,000 babies, and abusing as many women, Planned Parenthood would like you to know that they also provide health screenings, STD tests, and contraceptives (for a fee).

What they don’t say is that around a third of their profits come from abortion alone, and they have a very peculiar way of counting visits for services.

Let’s say you went to a restaurant for pizza, but every time you reached for a drink, or a napkin, a fork or a knife, the restaurant counted it as another “visit”. Weird, huh?

That’s how Planned Parenthood “cooks the books” in their favor. Books they have been totally unable to balance, by the way. They have yet to pass muster on key government audits of their use of state and federal funds.

But they claim that no federal money is used to provide abortions.

I say, “Prove it … or quit!”

You can’t lose 53 million lives (to abortion) and not also expect it to have a serious economic impact.

Economists tell us that unless we raise taxes, cut benefits, or overhaul the entire system, both Medicare and Social Security will be a crisis in about twenty years.  Why is that?  A big reason is that the prevalence of abortion means there are a diminished number of workers to support the beneficiaries.

In 2008, the Social Security program tells us there were 3.2  workers for  every retired, disabled, or survivor beneficiary.  By 2030, though, there will be just 2.2 workers per beneficiary, that is, the taxes of two people will have to pay for the benefit that three people’s taxes now cover. That’s a heavier tax burden than either individuals or the economy will be able to bear.

Some of this is a consequence of the aging of the large baby boom generation and people generally living longer, but abortion is certainly also taking its toll.

According to estimates provided by political scientist Laura Hussey, Ph.D., of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, if abortion had not been legalized in 1973, there would have been 17.2 million more people employed in 2008, earning nearly $400 billion in wages and salary.  At the current rates, that would have meant more than $11 billion more contributed to Medicare and at least $47.4 billion more going to Social Security.

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Priest: Parents should stop giving silly names to children.

Father Dias said that he took up the subject after the pope raised the issue in a sermon at Vatican City in March.

“I have been baptising children and parents come up with all kinds of strange names,” said Dias who said that he recently came across a boy with the name ‘Asprin’.

Father Dias said people are naming children after perfumes (Chanel), Russian ballerinas (Natasha) and pop stars.

“Names give you an identity. We are supposed to be witnesses to our faith. That is the reason why children were named after saints. Names should be of some value or should be of a personality who can be a role model for the child. How do you emulate a diamond if you are named after it?” asked Dias.

In South India, father Dias said, there is a trend of giving children the complete name of a famous person. He said he has come across a Father John Kennedy and a Prince Albert. “What happens when these young people grow up? They become the butt of jokes. Imagine me introducing a ‘Father John Kennedy’,” said Dias. “Children are not places or commodities. If I had such a name, I would be embarrassed.”

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Oprah show: Obamas gush over meeting Pope

Obama and his wife were asked about their best moments as a family since they moved into the White House in January 2009.

“A lot of our foreign travel for me I think, watching Malia and Sasha Obama, … meet the pope,” said the first lady in remarks released of the interview’s full airing on Monday.

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