Benedict XVI’s latest book is more modernist, Protestant fantasy than authentic, Catholic truth.

I’ve finally figured out why the Pope, in the introduction to his latest book, grants that everyone is free to disagree with any of the opinions contained therein.

This pope long ago succumbed to the vacuous, modernist theology of his fellow, radical Germans, and he obviously no longer accepts the dogmatic Catholic truths that, along with Jesus Christ, serve as the very foundation of the Catholic faith.

The scary thing is … most Catholics view Benedict XVI as a traditionalist … just like his illustrious predecessor.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Simply go back and read his extensive collection of published works. Then, there will be no doubt!


  1. You and I must be reading totally different books. I find everything about Pope Benedict to center on Christ and his mission of salvation. Perhaps you are overthinking a basic conception of the whole – love. Start there and you might be surprised at how the Pope’s words are about love of God – the first commandment

    • I’m reading BXVI’s current stuff in the context of 50 years worth of his earlier writings, many of which contained truly radical concepts that were contrary to the authentic teachings of the Catholic faith, which he never retracted or revised. And based on his particular hermeneutic of continuity, there’s absolutely no reason to believe that the man has changed, in any way.

      He’s no traditionalist, and many of his beliefs and teachings appear to be much closer to Lutheranism than Catholicism. That’s a big problem for a Catholic pope.

      Lutheran’s agree that “God Is Love” too … and Protestants of every denomination profess a great love and appreciation of Jesus Christ … but that doesn’t make them Catholic … nor does that do much to propagate the Catholic faith.

      So, it’s hard for me to have a great deal of respect for the personal musings of a pope who refuses to build on the timeless and authentic truths of the Catholic faith, and instead, feels the need to engage in popular flights of theological fancy.

      There’s plenty of wonderful, authentic Catholic stuff available to read that’s way more inspiring and way “deeper” than anything BXVI has ever written … or that he will probably ever write.

      Since Benedict XVI brings forth nothing of real value that is new, I prefer to accept his personal invitation, and with his express permission, totally reject his latest literary effort, on its face.

      I’m glad you liked it, though.

      God bless you,


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