Ukrainian Catholic leader: married priesthood not cause of vocation boom. (But it doesn’t hurt!)

“In our tradition, we do have a married clergy, but a married clergy is not the main reason we have so many young priests,” he said, noting that religious orders, which require a vow of consecrated chastity, also have numerous young vocations. “The possibility of being a married priest is not the main cause of an increase or decrease in vocations to the priesthood because this vocation comes from God.”


Editor’s note: So, Archbishop Shevchuk, accepting the fact that EVERY vocation comes from God … would you at least agree that restricting priestly holy orders only to celibate males AUTOMATICALLY RULES OUT about NINETY PERCENT of those who might otherwise, be perfectly ready, willing, and able to serve?

It took a meeting of the minds for the apostles to decide that circumcision would no longer be necessary for Christians. Thank God … since a requirement for circumcision would have constituted a very significant disincentive to conversion and Church membership …. at least, for adult men.

It’s high time the successors to the apostles got together and figured out a way to gracefully accommodate a married male priesthood in the Latin church, since unlike the woman priest issue, there’s absolutely no doctrinal reason to limit the Catholic priesthood only to celibate males.

I suspect the underlying issue with a married priesthood is that it might serve to seriously dilute the influence of the “Lavender Mafia”, flooding the ranks of the Catholic clergy with real men, instead of the feminized, girly types that we seem to have so many of, these days. All the more reason to just do it!

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