Another popular TV priest snared in a scandal (not Father Corapi)

A Roman Catholic priest who has admitted to a past sexual relationship with a second cousin has taken a leave of absence from his ministry, a spokesman for the Diocese of San Bernardino confirmed Wednesday.

The Rev. Michael Manning, who says he had the relationship with Monterey County Superintendent of Schools Nancy Kotowski, has stepped aside for the time being from Wordnet, a worldwide Catholic television ministry based in San Bernardino, according to John Andrews, a spokesman for the diocese.

Andrews said that often when a priest engages in misconduct of such magnitude, he is encouraged to take time away from his religious service to reflect on how it happened and how he will move forward.

“And that was something that we and Father Manning mutually came to, (that) it would be good for him to take a leave of absence,” Andrews said.

Manning could not be reached for comment Wednesday.


Editor’s note: The reader comments and opinions at this link are somewhat applicable to the Father Corapi case, while the facts of the two are significantly different.

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  1. this guy is a perverted creep and so is his cousin the receptacle. i think this is way pass nasty…

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