Cigarette taxes going up again. Maybe it’s time for a “gay” tax!

For many, many years our government has taken a schizophrenic approach to public health. It seems certain behaviors in American culture are officially disfavored while others are protected. For instance, public health officials have long waged war on smoking and illicit drug use, but little is said about alcohol beyond discouraging drunk driving.

Homosexual behavior, an act associated with 72% of new male AIDS cases? Oh, well that’s completely different. Unlike smoking, homosexuality is a politically favored behavior, one that public health and other government officials pretend is normal, natural and healthy even though numerous public health sources (including the Centers for Disease Control) have published data for years that show a vastly elevated risk among the homosexual community for AIDS transmission, syphilis, gonorrhea, Herpes, HPV, hepatitis, anal cancer, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, suicide and domestic violence.

If smoking were half as dangerous as homosexual behavior, we would have outlawed it decades ago. Yet because homosexual behavior has become a politically protected behavior in the wake of aggressive activist protests, we attempt to accomplish a sort of mental juggling act that always keeps the consequences of the behavior in a separate hand from the behavior itself. As long as we can keep pretending that the consequences and the actions have no connection, we can keep feeling good about this behavior…and keep the vociferous activists placated and off our backs, right?

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