Monday of Holy Week – Jesus cleanses the Temple.

Monday of Holy Week According to Matthew 21, Mark 11 and Luke 19, Jesus returns to Jerusalem today and, seeing shameful practices in the Temple area, he cleanses the Temple. John’s Gospel also records that he rebuked the unbelief of the crowds. Mark 11:19 records that he returned to Bethany that night. Pray with Jesus as he is zealous to purify us.

Matthew 21:12-13  And Jesus entered into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of he money-changers, and the seats of them that sold the doves; and he saith unto them, It is written, My house shall be called a house of prayer: but ye make it a den of robbers.

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  1. Occupy Wall Street!

  2. Who is the painter of the painting?

    • Sorry, the source is unknown.

      • I`ve got it in the meantime:
        VALENTIN DE BOULOGNE’s Painting
        Christ Driving the Money Changers out of the Temple wt
        c. 1618 Oil on canvas 195 x 260 cm Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Antica, Rome
        Thank you

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