FactCheck.Org says Obama birth certificate is genuine, and he’s a U.S. citizen.

Breaking  News! Obama releases long form birth certificate

In June, the Obama campaign released a digitally scanned image of his birth certificate to quell speculative charges that he might not be a natural-born citizen. But the image prompted more blog-based skepticism about the document’s authenticity. And recently, author Jerome Corsi, whose book attacks Obama, said in a TV interview that the birth certificate the campaign has is “fake.”

We beg to differ. FactCheck.org staffers have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate. We conclude that it meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.S. citizenship. Claims that the document lacks a raised seal or a signature are false. We have posted high-resolution photographs of the document as “supporting documents” to this article. Our conclusion: Obama was born in the U.S.A. just as he has always said.

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See the paperwork

Article on related U.S. law


  1. Actually, if you look at any other birth certificate made in Hawaii at the same time as obama’s birth, they do not look like his. The certificate you’re showing is a modern certificate, so yes, it is a ‘real’ certificate, for sure…but NOT an authentic one from the early sixties. Check it out. Also, fastcheck is a known liberal organization and you can check out that really fast as well. Like snopes, you must take their interpretations with a grain of salt.

  2. I know about Taqiyya. That means you can never trust a muslim to tell the truth.

    What religion does the birth certificate say the parents are? Wasn’t this still a standard on all birth certificates when Barack Hussein Obama was born?

    This also brings up his claim that he never went by another name which has also been proven a lie.

    Are there ANY honest liberal organizations?

  3. Glad YOU have concluded it meets all the requirements. Every day, more comes out about how things don’t add up. Had the Fourth Estate done its due diligence BEFORE the election, this issue might have been solved. Send this copy to the FBI Document labs perhaps? Some European labs as well?

    The fact remains, the individual elected to the highest office in the land has devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy in keeping a public document secret. That, and other odious aspects of the latest release will continue to fester in the minds of the voters come 2012.

    There is a lot more than reputation at stake here. But, you got him in. You did your damage. Soros, you have got to be proud!

  4. Well, it’s in the hands of the FBI now. Someone has filed a formal fraud complaint, and we’ll see how far that goes.

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