Priest: Parents should stop giving silly names to children.

Father Dias said that he took up the subject after the pope raised the issue in a sermon at Vatican City in March.

“I have been baptising children and parents come up with all kinds of strange names,” said Dias who said that he recently came across a boy with the name ‘Asprin’.

Father Dias said people are naming children after perfumes (Chanel), Russian ballerinas (Natasha) and pop stars.

“Names give you an identity. We are supposed to be witnesses to our faith. That is the reason why children were named after saints. Names should be of some value or should be of a personality who can be a role model for the child. How do you emulate a diamond if you are named after it?” asked Dias.

In South India, father Dias said, there is a trend of giving children the complete name of a famous person. He said he has come across a Father John Kennedy and a Prince Albert. “What happens when these young people grow up? They become the butt of jokes. Imagine me introducing a ‘Father John Kennedy’,” said Dias. “Children are not places or commodities. If I had such a name, I would be embarrassed.”

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  1. A name does make or break a child. I pity those kids who end going to a deed poll later in life

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