All criticisms aside, you can’t help loving John Paul II. I figure God does, too!

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by Doug Lawrence

Pope John Paul II may not have been perfect, but he accomplished more than most men, and he did it with style, grace, and love.

While nobody gets into Heaven due to style, there’s no doubt that Karol Wojtyla was indeed a man of abundant grace and love. Not to mention his courage, which … by the grace of God … helped to reshape and reform the modern world, for good.

Early in JPII’s papacy, during a visit to Chicago, his presence, along with that of many pilgrims, who came from all over to assist at Mass, literally transformed the “stormy, husky, brawling” town into something much more closely resembling what St. Augustine described as the mystical “City of God” … at least, for a while.

It was a glorious thing to experience, since on that great day, taxi cab drivers and hardened Chicago politicians alike, seemed to be genuinely affected. This is true. I was there. I saw it with my own eyes.

It was a little “slice” of Heaven … right here on Earth. They should make JPII a saint, just for that. Praise God!

October 5, 1979
An Estimated 1.2 Million Catholics
Gathered In Chicago’s Grant Park for Mass

God Bless our late Holy Father, John Paul II. God Bless Pope Benedict XVI. God Bless all of our bishops, priests, and religious. God Bless us all! (And please send us more men like Karol.)

Listen to JPII’s extraordinary homily. Watch the video.

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