Very Scary: Father Sundborg, President of (Catholic) Seattle University doesn’t see a problem with ties to Planned Parenthood.

…there are a few clarifications that need to be made in terms of the purpose behind SFLA and CNS’s letter to Father Sundborg and comments from members of Seattle U’s Administration.

1. The article states that our “main concern with Planned Parenthood is that some of its locations provide abortions” is inaccurate. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider and has been proven to protect rapists, racists and sex traffickers of minors. Planned Parenthood’s business is abortion and that permeates every clinic and not just “some.”

Whether or not “some” or all are providing abortions, this is an organization that completely disregards the dignity of the human person, and should not be supported by a Catholic university.

2. Seattle U cannot claim to support the Church’s position on the sanctity of life while supporting an organization that directly opposes that teaching.

Any connection with Planned Parenthood is a connection with abortion.

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