Seen on the web: Practical reasons why women’s ordination was, is, and always will be wrong.

Submitted by Anonymous on May 25, 2011.

Would just like to say that I once had a problem with the inability of women to be ordained, and then when I read the Church’s documents, I continued to struggle for a while, then I started to get it. And then when I studied at a seminary, I really understood it. I thank God for the all-male priesthood, which is the only kind there can be. Jesus knew what He was doing, and no, we haven’t been tricked into thinking He only picked men for the priesthood. There is no evidence for that whatsoever…it’s a feminist myth just like the feminist myths of an idyllic past when women ruled the world.

You know what else I learned studying at seminary? That I had been poisoned by a feminist culture and upbringing. No one suggested that to me…it just became evident to me after spending some time around these wonderful, holy, orthodox young men. When I began to spend time with the seminarians, I began to truly appreciate men and their unique mode, if you will, of being human. Everything that JPII says about complementarity and so on is true.

I won’t give a defense of the all-male priesthood here because first of all the fact that the Church teaches it is enough, and you can read the documents for yourself. You either want to be a faithful Catholic or you don’t, and rejecting Church teaching is not part of being a faithful Catholic. Also, those who are in rebellion on this point seem to be completely closed-minded to any argument, so what they need is grace! Because I’ve been there, I pray for them, but I do wish they’d stop leading others astray and attacking Christ’s ministers.

I will say this, however. My first clue that the women’s ordination crowd was not right was that so many were in favor of so-called abortion rights, homosexuality, etc., and also denied core doctrines like the Incarnation. So here’s another reason I praise God that we don’t have women priests: If these women were in charge of the Church, or in any position of authority in the Church, it’d be a mess of heretical whimsy and tolerance of the killing of the unborn and God knows what else. Everywhere these folks have been in charge (like many Catholic schools, and some work in Dioceses), the result has been confusion and heresy and intolerance for the true Faith.

Luckily younger generation women are more traditional. It is easy to be led astray on this matter because the all-male priesthood is counter-cultural nowadays, and people have no idea what it really is to act in persona Christi, to be alter Christus. Because they think it’s just a role, like any Protestant pastor or president of a meeting might have, they don’t get it… It’s very, very unfortunate. But those with theology degrees should know better than the average person in the pew who just thinks everything in life is a matter of “rights.”


Editor’s note: The above was a reader comment response to a shameful, poorly researched and blatantly misleading editorial piece written by a CINO (Catholic In Name Only) website that is really Protestant in almost every single one of its various, radical positions … but is too far gone to actually admit it.


  1. At first I wondered who could that possibly be (with tongue planted firmly in cheek all the while) .

    Then I saw the link and clicked and lo! It was the National Catholic Fishwrap…natch!

  2. When I first read this I was infuriated, then quickly became saddened as I realized how unfortunate it is that people like you pollute the world with your hateful, misogynist rhetoric. I would like to point out first and foremost, that to relate one thing to the other automatically is both prejudiced and wrong. To assume women are ALL in favour of the rights and issues you listed above is incredibly sexist and it does no more than to further perpetuate a classic stereotype of Catholics to be prejudiced and hate-bearing. And to then assume the ordination of women would result in chaos is completely unfounded. I know exactly what influenced you to change your mind, and it is nothing new to society, its simply a type of “bro-love” influenced by prolonged segregation from women and it is the kind of ideology that you often find in college fraternities, by men who view women as sexual objects and commit acts of violence and rape. I’m astounded that you consider yourself to have been “poisoned by feminism” when it’s really quite the opposite: you were normal before, THEN brainwashed by misogynist patriarchal beliefs. Hopefully you’ll come to your senses soon, and have another epiphany.

  3. Sam,

    You know so much or at one must assume so by your use of words like “I know exactly..”

    I could easily have taken the same approach in response to the pro-feminist garbage spewed throughout your comment, but – like your argument – I dismissed that all too easy option because it smacks too much of the one-dimensional boiler-plate propaganda taught in schools to our kids.

    You’ve been well instructed in irony, too, judging by your charge our former seminarian was “brainwashed.” You can only come to that conclusion because in your extremely limited capacity to process what’s obvious you reveal how well you’ve been brainwashed – so much so you can’t see that you’ve offered not on bit of true evidence but instead offer a series of stepping-stone premises, each building on the previous one (but just barely – even this effort is so weak) but with zero substantiation.

    You speak with the arrogant self-assurance of a true believer. You have mastered all the rhetorical devices programmed into your mind by your feminist “teachers” and you serve as exhibit A to defund the budgets of colleges and universities across the country who hire the sorry excuse for educators who took you apart and reassembled your mind to reflect their own image and likeness.

    Your argumentation bears no resemblance to the real world – the world that precedes the last 60 years of leftwing cultural mush. In point of fact, modern feminism is nothing less than POISON, and you, Sam, are a walking illustration of what it has done to a being formerly known as a man (we assume).

    You lack the capacity to think critically and yet you believe you do. Worse still, you’ve lost your manhood to bitter feminists deploying the oldest tricks in the book. You obviously were an easy mark and all-too willing a student. Hiitler would have been proud of your rising to the level of today’s femi-nazis.

    So, who programmed you, anyway. Did it happen in high school or did they have their breakthrough success at the undergrad level or in grad school?

    Sorry to stick it too you but you need a bucket of ice cold water poured all over your fantasies before you hurt yourself any more than you already have.

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