This Week’s Ask Alice: Prayer for Blessed John Paul II’s Intercession

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Anonymous asks: Are there any existing, church-authorized prayers to newly beatified John Paul II … especially for healing?

Alice answers: I’m glad you asked this question! A few weeks ago, my friend, Fr. John Zemelko, Pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows in Valparaiso, Indiana, shared this prayer with me. It’s a joy to share it with you.


O Blessed Trinity,

we thank you for having graced

the Church with Blessed John Paul

and for allowing the tenderness of your Fatherly care,

the glory of the cross of Christ,

and the splendor of the Holy Spirit,

to shine through him.

Trusting fully in Your infinite mercy

and in the maternal intercession of Mary,

he has given us a living image of

Jesus the Good Shepherd,

and has shown us that holiness

is the necessary measure of

ordinary Christian life and is

the way of achieving eternal

communion with you.

Grant us, by his intercession,

and according to Your will,

the graces we implore, hoping

that he will soon be numbered among your saints.


In Christ’s Love,


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