Big abortion shake up in UK as Helpers of God’s Precious Infants and 40 Days for Life begin European operations.

In Maidstone, police arrived to tell the group to remain on the other side of the street from the clinic. While two of the protesters engaged in an animated conversation with the officers, denying they were obstructing or harassing clients, a car with two women who had left the clinic accelerated at high speed and veered precariously close to the protest before driving on.

Reilly appeared unmoved by the suggestion he and his supporters were upsetting women already in the midst of a difficult personal experience.

“If you are upset because you are about to kill your child, because someone is outside praying, well thanks be to God that they are upset because maybe they will change their mind, keep their child and thank us later,” he told the Guardian.

Backing him are three bishops from the British Catholic hierarchy who have endorsed the vigils carried out by the Helpers of God’s Previous Infants, including Thomas McMahon, the bishop of Brentwood.

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Editor’s note: God bless these guys. They have guts.


  1. These protesters are sick narrow minded idiots, I was bothered by them on wednesday they ARE approaching and harassing people via handing out leaflets to clients and trying in vain to converse with clients and change their mindd they are also using a small plastic fetus to show to clients in an attempt to change their minds, the one that approached me was although not aggressive but clearly trying he’s hardest to deter me from the centre, dont they realise that the women wanting an abortion are already in turmoil and some will find it the hardest thing they’ve ever had to do already without this, as well as holding pics of fetuses on big boards they also as I walked off started singing hymns to further a phychological attack on me, I have had one abortion before and I was suicidal afterwards and have always regretted it, this is not a decistion I take lightly but my circumstances have changed somewhat from 11 yrs ago when I had my first having a 6,4&2yr old to worry about I know I cannot as a single mother have another it would hinder my childrens lives and mine I would be unable to cope and I wonder are these protesters going to pay for the upkeep of this child, they are morally out of order yeah fair enough everyone is entitled to their beliefs but they have no right to push their beliefs onto others, my advice to others going to the centre is if approached like me carry straight on walking I am sitting at home now considering having a baby I know that I cannot finacially or physically cope with as they have played with my mind, my advice to these protesters keep away from the centres, you cant change the world, abortion is LEGAL you really are the ones who are out of order I want to throw a bucket of shit over the loy of you

    • Those protesters are the only people in the world who are actively defending the life of the innocent and helpless child in your womb, whom you would like to kill. They mean you no harm, so please don’t hold that against them. You mistake what’s legal with what’s right. Abortion is never right, since abortion denies, life, liberty, and justice to a real, live human being … a human being who is also already a member of your own immediate family. Rather than trying to work this out alone, I suggest you ask one of the 40 Days for Lifers to hook you up with some of the many good resources available to help pregnant mothers. You don’t really need to kill your child. You just think you do. It may not be easy, but if you get some help and be a hero for life, you’ll never regret it.

      God bless you.


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