Scandalous “Catholic” school teacher claims Jesus never resurrected – but because He died in our honour we should be nice to each other.

“He told us people have taken the Bible too literally,” Sinicrope told LifeSiteNews in a recent interview. “He began saying that it was like a metaphor that you follow…He said that Jesus never resurrected.”

While the principal says an investigation has cleared the teacher of wrongdoing, another classmate has corroborated Sinicrope’s account.

During the week leading up to Easter this year the Catholic High School decided to place crosses in every classroom, recounted the teen.  Following Holy Thursday Mass, Francesca’s sociology teacher provided an explanation of the crosses to the whole class, saying that the same message would be given to all the classes.

Francesca’s video footage, posted on YouTube, recounts the events.  “He told my whole class that Jesus had never resurrected,” the 17 year-old said. “That is so unbelievable to me in a Catholic school.”


Editor’s note: I’ve personally experienced the same thing … only from wacko religious education directors, deacons, and even priests … in allegedly Catholic parishes, located in the midwest.

One time, around thirty catechists sat around listening to a formation talk which was promoting various types of abject heresy, and not one of them uttered a word of protest. Finally realizing that this was no “Candid Camera” stunt, I strongly challenged the presenter’s opinions, yet received absolutely no support from all but one of the assembled catechists, many of whom certainly knew … or should have known better.

That was the day I shifted my efforts from teaching Catholic kids to better educating adult Catholics.

Later, I discovered that the presenter was widely known as a blatant heretic, but since the bishop didn’t care, neither did anyone else.

As far as I know, that person is still employed as a director of religious education in a Catholic parish! Many of these types possess Master’s degrees from allegedly “Catholic” universities, and are highly paid, too.


  1. We do occasionally hear about these sort of things going on. It is unbelievable in its horrible nature. Absolute heresy, a total anathema and something to make every Catholic pause and think. The denial of Christ’s resurrection in Body and in Spirit is one of today’s most wicked statements and coming from a supposed Catholic (authoritive) teacher albeit a socialologist can but remind us all that some even from the elect choose to go to a fate prepared for satan. As St Peter and Jude remind us Beware of False Teachers for their fate was sealed before the foundation of the world.
    It is good to see the young lady able to refute this wicked statement and show us that God is present in his children . .For my sheep know me.

    And as the editor notes there are many wacko religious educators out there still so it is a timely reminder that faith costs and the war for souls continues daily. Sad though to understand that some intelligent people and even clerics are in the arms of the devil and we should pray especially hard for them.
    As Judas betrayed Christ so many of his children blindly turn from the light of true religion to the darkness of heresy but we should be glad and grateful that good folk can also stand up for their faith and show that Christ is risen absolutely.

  2. And yet, the Principal of the school, another well educated Catholic wrongly asserted that the teacher’s ” beliefs and program delivery are in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church that reviewed many beliefs and practices under Vatican II”
    Sorry, I know that Vatican II was a real Church Council, but its time to scrap it and start over. If a guy with a Masters degree(at least) can so wrongly understand what the Church actually taught at Vatican II, what hoe does a regular guy like me have?

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