Seen on the web: Hateful, anti-heterosexual bigotry

I see nothing wrong with being gay. We have fabulous lives. Yes, we deal with ignorant assholes from time to time but our lives are way better than most straight people I know. All the gays I know live in fabulous homes, travel the world and are very successful. I can’t say the same for my straight friends. They all hate their lives, jobs, their fat wives and ugly kids. And all they look forward to is death.



  1. When this gentleman is writhing in agony on the floor, vomiting his guts out from the hepatitis-B he will assuredly contract by his numerous buggeries perhaps he, too, will be thinking of death.

    With my teeth gritted I’ll say a short Hail Mary for this wretch.

    • YOU are a Callous and sadistic. It’s been proven that the brains of individuals like yourself are smaller and less advanced then that of gay people. I am so happy to be gay and know that there is no argument you can make that tarnishes my homosexuality in any way.

      • You base your entire existence around having a same sex partner and put down those that don’t. Don’t you ever get tired of bullying people?

  2. We have a wonderful life……my wife is not fat………my children are beautiful and our 7 grandchildren are more than we deserve! Our home is filled with joy..we don’t travel much; but, see our family very often…and, we struggle financially.
    And, in our circle of Friends, we are all very happy and we look forward to the day we are standing before God and Jesus is smiling at us!….in His time, not ours…
    When your secular life does end, you’ll wish you’d gotten to know Jesus more intimately. We pray for our family and for EVERYONE in the world.

  3. To accuse all hetrosexuals of being unhappy is as absurd as homosexuals being all “gay” in the original meaning of the word! It is not true! However, there are some very happy homosexuals and some unhappy herosexuals but sexual identity itself does not make one happy or not.
    Stop the useless name calling and try to show respect for one another. Whilst sodomy is a sin so is adultery. Whist it is a sin to lie down with the same sex so it is to take anothers partner. If we are going to throw stones best not done so in a glass house!
    The answer to this problem? is what it always is: Love.
    Show respect and pray for differences and understanding. Pray that the plank in our own eye does not blind us to the splinter in our neighbours eye. Repent and change your lives as befits a child of the Most High. Remember that all people have great dignity and just because we are weak or stupid does not allow us the privilledge of casting stones . .or name calling!

  4. Only a gay would analyze his hetero “friends” this way. Glad he’s not my friend. Superficial, narcissistic, self-centered, IGNORANT, thing. I don’t think he has the characteristics to be cataloged as human

  5. Heterosexual men have done lots of violent acts driven by heterosexist hatred against LGBT people for over a millenia. This is something that must be addressed

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