KC history teacher has things bass-ackwards

John Veal, a lifelong Catholic and a history teacher, recently wrote:

There is simply no valid scriptural or theological basis for the celibate male clergy. Almost all other Christian churches rejected celibacy centuries ago. Many have also admitted women to their clergy. Yet Rome still condemns these changes as strongly as it once condemned Galileo’s proof of a sun-centered universe.

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Editor’s note: I beg to differ, Mr. history teacher and life-long Catholic. Jesus Christ is the theological basis for a celibate, all-male clergy … and due to the limited state of the scientific arts at the time, Galileo was totally unable to provide proof for his various scientific theories … several of which, as things eventually turned out, were wrong. As for “all the other Christian churches” … who cares what our poor, misguided, separated brethren decide to do? The Catholic Church alone remains the true church of Jesus Christ … and only the Catholic Church is qualified to claim the Holy Spirit as its infallible advocate and comforter.

Galileo was wrong: The Bible does not teach how the Heavens go … but rather, how to go to Heaven.

Science, Galileo and the Catholic Church

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  1. Apart from the fact that Galileo was a devout Catholic and friend of Urban 8th whom also protected him he did not suggest the Bible was wrong. Rather his observations were that possible interpretations of it at the time he lived were possibly in need of revision; ie that Heaven was not necessarily just above the clouds and may be reached by a rocket as some still maintain. That the earth appeared to travel around the sun rather against believed ideas of the day.
    As many pontiffs have since evalued he was correct scientifically in this most famous observation but that does not detract from wisdom and our earthly understanding of God the Creator of the Universe.
    The Catholic Church objection to married priests is something it has maintained for centuries and comes with its interpretation of Tradition and Holy Writ. It is not an absolute because the Church does allow for married clergy at various times and places BUT overall it is requires its clergy to remain celibate and what other Churches may require is a matter for them before God.
    On the other hand, it is hardly logical to dismiss our seperated Christian bretheren as misguided because they are our brothers and sisters in baptism and we are bound to care and help them ie what they believe or do is OUR concern. Also the Catholic Church as the only true Church is again about interpretation of the word true. For example The Eastern Orthodox Churches, The Coptic, Armenian and some other Eastern Churches are in equal standing within the see of Rome and other than papal authority in complete attitude of theological belief or acceptance with Rome.
    Recently also in the UK some protestant (Church of England) clergy have been accepted within full communion and after a short re-education and turning to Rome after leaving their old church because they can not accept its modernistic direction as being the way of Christ.
    The question of Galileo and Heaven or Heavens as is more proper thus does hold complications for beyond its historical note. As for what some protestant churches are now allowing in their own clergy has caused grief within their own churches and to the ecumenical movement especially with Rome. Catholics that pray for unity and a time when the seperation will be healed are alarmed by some of these trends but also realise that in a historical perspective a future pope may also grant more liberal attitudes within the Catholic Church on these matters. That time is not now however and Rome does not appreciate the wild and some may say sinister embrace of any modern idea simply because they look attractive and fashionable.

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